Japanese Miso Soup with Tofu Recipe

Whenever I eat sushi, I love to pair it with Japanese Miso soup. I show you a super easy healthy miso soup recipe with tofu and fresh scallions.


1) Miso (1/2 cup)
2) Water (8 cups)
3) Soy Sauce (1 tablespoon)
4) Onion (1 large)
5) Carrot (2 large)
6) Tofu (1 cake, soft tofu)
7) Scallions (3 stalks, diced)

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smartersean says:

Enzymes are not living things…

Mena D Love says:

how does tofu taste cause everytime I go to Walmart I see it and I want to get it can you eat it by it self

MrSophia1 says:

Japan ppl NEVER cooking Miso … that is never orginale ..

berecabello73 says:

Oh my! I love miso soup! I’m so trying this. Thank you sooo much for making this video. 😉

roguebot says:

This looks delicious! Your channel deserves more recognition. You’re awesome 🙂

AniJarPlus Lord says:

miss u over do it

Omori Shiho says:

I think Japanese don’t take that way. They use Dashi soup …

Luna Quel says:

hmmmm…yummm. .
one of my fave:-)

Cynthia Hartley says:

This recipe is not written down in the newsletter. Can you write it down here, please? Love your site!!

Michael LaRocca says:

I tried this recipe with hachi miso, I didn’t like it too much. However the stock was good and I left the carrots in. I guess it really depends on the type of miso used.

Its your Boi ajaay says:

I love the the positive attitude through out the whole video, and the food looks fantastic.

esquibelle says:

Love miso soup. I dissolve miso paste into a couple of cups of hot broth in separate bowl. Then add tofu to pot and bring to a boil. Then add dissolved miso & chopped scallions and bring to high heat w/o boiling. This way miso is never boiled. BTW — What do you do w/leftover boiled carrots and onion? These can be cooled and later chopped and used in salad. I always find a way to use every bit of food that is edible. 🙂

Cassandra Allen says:

Hi Moon,
I am learning so much from your channel about asian cooking and health tips I just wanted to say thank you! 

Omg Omg says:

awesome video thanks

kennetta Wright says:

mmm i love miso

Iskandarsyah Zulkarnaen says:

Interesting you dont use dashi for the soup. Thanks for sharing.

A Serious Salamander says:

Marry me?

mark bienvenu says:

T2tigger she said in the video that she is simmering the tofu and stallings,she’s just warming it yp

T2Tigger says:

You said don’t boil the miso but you turned the flame back on after the tofu.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to boil the tofu before you put the miso in so the tofu can be cooked? 

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