Japanese Hot Pot YOSENABE (RECIPE) 【寒いときは鍋だねえ】うちの鍋はこんな鍋・・寄せ鍋

When the weather turns cold, we like to warm up with some Yosenabe Hot Pot. ※日本語の字幕は、設定で字幕をオンにしてください。

This Japanese favorite is enjoyed all over the country at homes everywhere since it is super easy to make and satisfies hearty appetites.

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(Feel free to substitute your favorite vegetables and ingredients)
chicken thigh(cut into bite-sized pieces)
chinese cabbage (cut into 2-inch pieces)
tofu (cut into blocks)
enoki, shimeji and shiitake mushrooms
garland chrysanthemums (cut into two)
carrot (sliced)
shirataki noodles (cut into bite-sized pieces)
negi – welsh onions (cut into 1 inch pieces)
konbu and bonito flakes (or 1 pack instant dashi)
1/3 cup sake
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup mirin
3 cups water

Soak konbu strips in water for 30 minutes. Cut up all the ingredients for the nabe. Bring konbu to a boil. Take konbu out immediately. Dump bonito flakes into the same broth and simmer for 2 minutes. Strain the broth and take out the bonito flakes. Discard the bonito and konbu or use save it for something else. This is your dashi or Japanese broth for the hot pot. Add the dashi to a large pot. Add mirin, sake and soy sauce. Bring the stock to a boil. Turn heat to low and add ingredients to the pot. Cover and cook on medium high until chicken is thoroughly cooked. Serve family style in the middle of the table and share with family and friends. Take your favorite ingredients and dip in ponzu sauce. End the meal by adding noodles (udon, ramen) or rice into the broth and enjoy.


1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup mirin
1/4 cup sake
juice of 1/2 a large lemon

Combine mirin and sake in a saucepan and heat until boiling. Turn off the heat and add the soy sauce and lemon juice. Enjoy as a dipping sauce to the ingredients in the Yosenabe Hot Pot.

Mirin http://goo.gl/Asc4cQ
Sake http://goo.gl/h4ZJS2
Soy Sauce http://goo.gl/mM5Ngk
Shiratake http://goo.gl/5HjqpB
Instant Dashi http://goo.gl/DNyBrR
Konbu http://goo.gl/IZu0Wt
Bonito Flakes http://goo.gl/BMWskm

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・醤油  1/4カップ
・みりん 1/4カップ
・酒    1/4カップ
・レモン搾り汁 1/2個


Barbara Manning says:

Add mochi, it’s great!

Holly White says:

Love shabu shabu!

Emma Colodner says:

Mmmm that yosenabe looks delicious…the weather is getting colder where i am too (though not as cold as last year). I do have a question this is basically a soup correct…can this be made in a regular soup pot or do you need special equipment and if it can’t be made in a soup pot are there similar japanese soups that can be made in a pot?

Nada NovaGalaxy says:

How long is it going to cook for?

maiilan says:

How about making us a Sukiyaki recipe some time? I love that meal but I’ve never eaten the real Japanese style yet

Juliertt Tipton says:

ok ok now I am really want to eat it, I’ve never try it yet but I always want to eat one. l my favorite is Ramen noodles.

Zack Beeblebrox says:

Are you guys roommates, brother, friends, or a couple? I love you guys.

mylesallen1970 says:

I really love watching your videos. Is there a chance you could include substitutes for any of the ingredients you use? It would help me and may be other viewers out there too….:-D Thank you.

Susie LaLonde says:

I reminds me of what Mom makes but we call it “Boiled Dinner” it contains, cabbage, carrots, onions, ham and sometimes potatoes. But it’s the same concept as your Hotpot

TabiEats says:

+Juanelo1946 actually we will come up with more recipes using shitarake later on. right now it’s all about hot pots here in Japan. Perhaps in January I’ll do a shitatake fried noodles recipe. Very tasty!

Mello Matt says:

U guys have amazing video quality oh my

Nettie gurl says:

Any suggestions on a substitute for chrysanthemum greens?

selenaz c says:

I dont have a table burner but i have one of these multi cookers, it will boil and was wondering if this would work ! ty http://www.walmart.com/ip/14321003?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227000433921&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40345770272&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=52127869369&veh=sem

Nickey Whalen says:

thank you for this video. I am going to make this for New years eve. looks delicious

Huy Chanmulyda says:

When you used soy sauce, are you using regular soy sauce or light soy sauce.

bcgrote says:

Ooo, sausages sounds wonderful in this dish!
I make a chicken noodle soup that my hubby and dad love. I make a mirepoix with onions, garlic and celery and spices in a cheese cloth, and cook a whole chicken in a big pot with that. That only takes about 1/2 an hour, really. Then I drain the chicken and tear it into chunks. I return the chicken to the stock, add nice big noodles and cook them a few minutes until done. Hubby wants his soup to be “just chicken, noodles, and broth”, so I sneak the mirepoix in with the bird to add flavor, lol!
I put the veg in a smaller pot with some broth to add to my portion. I also like to add lemon juice.
That big old pot will last us quite a while.
It’s finally cold here, it may be time to make a pot!

Melasande says:

Great video and easy to follow. I’ve recently moved to Osaka and it’s just coming into Autumn, so now with the cooler weather I’m learning how to make different nabe. arigatougozaimashita 🙂

pete chan says:

I loved it thank you

YANKA online says:

Wow! Great recipe! The pot looks very rich and festive! I’d like to try and make it with shrimps. Thank you very much for another wonderful video!

TabiEats says:

+Sakura Spring Actually that white disc thing is nothing important. It came with the pot we purchased because we were looking for one that could be used on an IH stove. When we use the IH we have to keep that hole thing on the bottom. Normally nabe pots don’t have them so don’t worry. 🙂 Stay warm my friend.

Angela Morris says:

I love this! Do you have a shabu shabu recipe?

TabiEats says:

+Sakura Spring so happy enjoyed this and thanks so much for trying it out! Easy to make too right? Now remember you can change up the ingredients as you like. Hope you continue to enjoy your holidays!

MikeTheBarber63 says:

Beautiful and looks so delicious too!

adam cunningham says:

is there a distinct difference from Shabu shabu?

TabiEats says:

+Ray Mack’s Kitchen and Grill Thanks so much Ray. Much appreciated.

Dor says:

I have made sukiyaki many times but would like to try this for a change. How many people will your recipe serve? I want to make this for 8 people. I have one electric fry pan and not sure if this will be enough. You make this look simple and delicious! Thank you!

Eli Rm says:

this looks better than my mom’s soup XDD!

José B. A. Neto says:

Oh my, looks delicious! Although, I don`t like hiper hot food.

But, I want to know what music plays during the recipe. Shazam could not recognize.


meow23 says:

i dont like that you had to share mouth germs with whoever is eating with you

Wafaa Akmal says:

Can I substitute the shungiku with mizuna?

納豆カレー says:

いいっすね~。鍋はつまにによし、おかずにもよし。締めにうどん&ご飯を入れて出た出し汁で、かっこむ!酒飲めなくても鍋はいい!! (糖尿になっちゃってさ(/ω\)

Stephanie Dawn Mueller says:

Hi, from Washington, DC!
 I made this for the first time for my husband, daughter, and parents who were visiting. It was wonderful! The flavorful broth and tasty ponzu sauce encouraged my father to eat tofu, which is no small feat! Your recipes and videos are easy to follow, thank you!

Jacq's Munchies says:

is there a substitute for sake? we have it here in indonesia, but so expensive though :’D

nrawson66 says:

Hi Guys!!! Love your videos! I want to try and make this soon. Looks so Ono! Was wondering if the shirataki noodles is like our Hawaiian long rice noodles or is it something completely different. Thanks for sharing!!! Aloha!!!

hiro-san says:

im so hungry lol looks really good. by the way, can i get the song 0:14

Compassion Is a Verb says:

Hi guys! I just came here to say that we never miss any of your lovely videos and that we love you very much!
It’s so nice to see you both after having a bad and exhausting day…and that nabe looks absolutely amazing!!!
Watching your videos makes us feel happier instantly.
Thank you thank you thank you very much!

Yuka Miura says:

I love the interactive eating towards the end 🙂 awesome video

despairia says:

That looks sooo gooood~ 83

Ruthy Quiban says:

I love Hotpot..I love your expressions when you Eat..THAT looks really delicious..

Ashutosh Kar says:

Great one ! Got to know about this item from “Shinchan” cartoon 🙂 The food looks really delicious, would have to try once !

Chelsea Sweet says:

I thought I was going to be waiting months to make this, but a cold & rainy day has interrupted the summer so yosenabe it is today 🙂

Funkykitsune says:

Everything you make looks soooo good, I get hungry just watching! I definitely need to try this

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