Japanese fried chicken recipe – Tori no karaage – 鳥のから揚げ

How to make Japanese fried chicken. This simple, yet authentic recipe as demonstrated by Chef Dai will turn your plain chicken into extremely delicious and succulent fried chicken.

Salt x pinch
White pepper x pinch
Sake x 1 Tbsp
Soya sauce x 1 Tbsp
Grated ginger x 1 tsp
Grated garlic x 1 tsp
Sesame oil x 1 tsp
Potato Starch (or corn starch) x 2.5 Tbsp
Chicken thighs x 3
Vegetable oil for deep frying
Lemon wedge x 1 (optional)

Hope you enjoyed the video!!!!!


Leo jones says:

Love your videos!! Having trouble finding potato starch is potato flour the same??

Jason yo says:

best japanese style cooking ever seen

rever mak says:

can i use mirin instead of sake?

abermin says:


Putul Ahemed says:

You r right frenchiliea,oils must need to change!


hi whats sake?

John Parry says:

Superb ….Will be trying this real soon

Pan Jajeczko says:

Potato starch you can find in Polish grocery store ^^

Jennilyn Abaja says:

Thank you Chef Dai 🙂 I will definitely try this at home 😀 I was watching shokugeki no souma and saw how they cooked it in the anime but it’s not a complete procedure so thank you for this great video 🙂

Putul Ahemed says:

He is a cute speecher!

Eric Gusthova says:

can I know what is the sake for???

Stan says:

Karaage + Beer = Heaven.

daipaulig says:


K2shadowfax says:

very nice!

vuenavir sanchez says:

How many grams are the chicken used in this video?

Karl Baratta says:

Excellent!!!!!! Thank you for posting!!!

rons4620 says:

Very easy to hear fluent English and well trained techniques. Thumbs up

Luis Miguel says:

Hi Chef Dai!! Im Luis frow Brazil thank you for your video!! i made karaage before and didnt work well, I will try ur recepi!! Im just curious, do u have a restaurant?
thanks again

Timothy Pow says:


Billie Jean Batara says:

this is better than kfc!! i love to have this in my bento. yum yum

x3P1CxSH00T3R says:

Okay, Chef Dai. Your Video of Onigirazu has brought me to this channel and immediatelly sold me on it. Now that I’ve seen a bit more I need to do something on my own. Love this Channel

Dr Green says:

after frying at 140’C for 4 minutes, how long does the chicken need to be outside before frying at 170’C? do we have to wait till it cools down before frying again?

F. Hartgers says:

great videos!

Kresno Wicakson says:

whats the best substitute for sake? i dont drink alcohol

John Patrick Pineda says:

I love you chef. Please marry me. Hahaha. I love iiiit.

Lima Mike says:

hai, can i use mirin instead sake?

VeNuS2910 says:

i really like to learn this. thanks! 🙂

linkama122 says:

HI.. what can be used to replace sake?

Jesus Christ is the only way says:

I just subscribed a few days ago and I want to thank you for your top quality videos and easy step by step recipe and great insight comment to making authentic japanese flavorful dishes at home

田中太郎 says:


shane mccarthy says:

every Friday we have this at our favorite izakaya in japan mmmmmm i suggest some japanese mayo

Ed Grossman says:

Were you cooking in at 170 degrees F or C ?

Troy Cashin says:

Looks amazing!

Hans Thegerman says:

wow i did not expect that accent hahaha, great guy, great video!

Clive Nguyen says:

I love your videos so much! I have tried a few of the recipes and they are great!

Felix Chee says:

hmm. i think personally is better to put the chicken piece by piece into the starch and make sure is all coated..and can use light soy sauce instead..and we can put a little paprika to spice up a bit..

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