Japanese Curry Udon Cooking Recipe (일본카레우동) Mukbang | KEEMI★

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Iridalism says:

can i use water instead of broth for this recipe?:)

mukbang marky says:

Inspo for tomorrow

Tiffanie Ta says:


Jessica Villa says:

Are those homemade noodles??

berserker7331 says:

Beautiful food recipe

Gisele Havas says:

Aww subscribee

Lindsey Lambert says:

Man, I hate so much that I’m allergic to curry. I would make this in a heartbeat if it didn’t make me so sick.

Scarlet Bates says:

I know there’s a lot of mukbang channels, but I legit can’t get into any other one aside from Keemis. I’ve made so many of your recipes!

Fallon Stanley says:

What happened to mommy tang??

emeridia says:

Napkins are meant to be for your mouthhhhh. Still love you though

S Martinez says:

You should do zoodles so we can see you use the zoodle machine!! They are so good!!

NutsAndCrazy says:

Maybe you can start a at home cooking channel! 🙂

Cory Bryan says:

Pinterest rocks!

Ashley Marie says:

I don’t know what i would do if you stopped doing mukbangs, you are my all time fav mukbanger 🙂

m. l. says:

I guess to youtube, videos of people doing stupid pranks, being a public nuisance, and doing dumbass challenges like cementing your head in a microwave oven is less of a danger to society or not as bad an influence on children than eating good food.

ElleTee says:

Wth would I do without your mukbangs

Rhita Tamssnaoui says:

please I’m a fan of you and I love your videos but I like korean foods I would like to know a site where you can buy all that you put as the sauce and all and who can deliver me in Morocco because I am Moroccan kisses

Annie Liu says:

Where did you get those yellow chopsticks?! So cute!!

Ya Boy Yana says:

I love you so much Keemi but lately you a BUNCH of noodle recipes, switch it up more like you used to 🙁

Porfirea Maria says:

Hy Keemi i really like your videos.
Go and check my new makeup video, its kpop stars makeup inspired video.
Thank you. Live from Germany

Nick says:

thats a giant pan

Sofia Daneshvar says:


Jesska Chan says:

Will other flavours work with this instead of the curry?? I’m not really a big fan of curry!

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