Japanese Curry Rice from scratch recipe – Easy Cooking ルーから作るカレー

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This is a recipe for Japanese curry rice without using pre-packed roux blocks. You can make Japanese curry without having asian market near you.カレーライスを市販のルー無しで作るレシピです。

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AngieGandalf6 says:

Thanks for the recipe! I’ve never tried japanese curry rice, I’m trying it today

Duc Nguyen says:

Hello everyone, currently I have some of those Japanese curry mix sauce in my store on ebay. If you don’t mind please come by and check it out. Thanks you!


obe dan says:

what type curry powder you adding it? I mean we have different types of curry powder such as chicken curry powder, fish curry powder, vegetables curry powder and so on. Please kindly respond. Awesome video! :))

John Magee says:

Oishii !!!

Firouz Karim says:

I will be making this very soon thank you

Fendy Ri says:

there is no curry powder in my country what shoul i do ? please answer it :

Webbs Kruiser says:

> Teach cooking curry from scratch
> Use curry powder

信字樋村 says:

eventhough some people said apple and honey give an luxurious flavor, i don’t add it and change to chili flake instead hahahaha

Kevin James Stevens says:

No salt?

Magy Jao says:

Thank you for the recipe !!

YTfancol says:

Nice. I will certainly give this a try, thanks  🙂

Ciara01 says:

HELLPP! I reallyy want to make this but I don’t know what kind of curry powder. Is it ok if I use Indian curry powder?

Jackie Rivera says:

I’ve made curry from this video a few times and it always come out delicious! I don’t have to buy the paste anymore:) thank you!

Neil Weinster says:

why not: add the brown roux(normal brown roux, without the curry powder in it. Since the curry powder is) then put the curry powder on the boiling beef as much as needed?
it’ll taste the same, right?
will it?

SCBikakku says:

Why do you need apples? つ(ΟωΟ)つ

Van Leo says:

oh gosh, that looks delicious.. doesn’t look spicy at all..

yorie wayne says:

made one just now, turned out pretty good!

Amreeta Leddy says:

the roux I made never turned brown

rescuerofdreams says:

¡Me ha dado hambre viendo este vídeo! Tiene que estar muy rico =)

Anjuman Ahmed says:


zact lee says:

why is the apple and honey important for the recipe?

Emilio Marquez says:

Thank you for this recipe Curry roux is not available here in Puerto Rico and ive been looking to make it from scratch but never found any recipes so far till now

Mykasan says:

i’m so veganizing this! thanks a lot 😀 i’m making this for my week end this is going to be amazing <3

MrSabuns says:

Wow this is a pro style

Emmanuel Diaz says:

Great post! Never thought of using roux as the thickener!

curiousSOUL22 says:

THIS IS MAKING ME CRAZY! lol What spices are in the curry powderrr?? lol thanks 🙂 from a curry fan

Shveta Mashiwal says:

I live in India. I couldn’t find Japanese curry sauce or paste anywhere. is there any recipe ?

Rafael Kishihiro says:

It does look like japanese curry.
Although instead of just curry powder and those tablets of chicken powder, I’d use a Garam Masala, which has more spicies then a normal curry Powder.
Apple and Honey those make a difference, Thanks!

Bao Ngoc Tran says:


linakawaii says:

This is fantastic. Made this several times and always turned up delicious.ありがとう!

gghangaaa says:

Hey I was wondering what kind of curry powder you used? Is it the indian kind or is there a special mix for japanese curry?

obe dan says:


Your recipe is one of the best because you added honey and apples which I believed gave a very tasty curry but tell me what type of curry powder do you use in this recipe? Since in my hometown, we have different types of curry powder ranging from meat curry powder to chicken, Qurma, fish and vegetable curry powder. These different types of curry powder have its own distinct flavors to suits each main dishes ie. meat, chicken, fish etc So due to this, tell me what is the type of curry powder usually use for Japanese Curry Roux and especially in this awesome recipe? Thanks in advance and hope there is response to this. Anyone reading this, kindly share infos too. Tq 🙂

0000000Lara says:

nice!!! thank you!!

Tininha Tininha says:


maelgwni says:

Excellent video, thank you so much! Been looking for how to make jap curry from scratch as the majority of the videos on youtube just use the packet.

Eriol says:

very interesting recipe. I definitely learned something from this video. many homemade japanese curry  I read in internet added garam masala, but you didn’t, and actually added honey, and apple. I will definitely give this a try.

Shveta Mashiwal says:

I live in India. I couldn’t find Japanese curry sauce or paste anywhere. is there any recipe ?

Titin Rijadi says:

thank you very much

Fernando Sanchez says:

¡FINALLY!, i was so desesperate because i didn’t find the Curry roux, and now you just saved my life!

horacechin1 says:

S&B is good but i want to make my own. Thanks.

madchem23 says:

OMG, I made this last night and I thought it was amazing.  Mom is half Japanese and she thought it was really good.  I would definitely recommend making this recipe.  Since there was no measurements of things, I did trial and error with the amounts.  I know that I will be adding things in different amounts but overall…..EXCELLENT!

Summer Heartss says:

I’m vegan. can I substitute anything for the butter?

Don Jave says:

He dint add any salt.. Just curry powder

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