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I’ve always been a fan of Japanese curry, and I usually keep one of those Glico Japanese curry blocks at home! Recently, I began to wonder whether it would be much more work to make the curry from scratch, because surely, it must taste better! And it turned out that the extra work is only in prepping a few additional ingredients, but the cooking time is still the same. Considering how much better (and fresher) it tastes, it is so totally worth it!

In this recipe I use beef, because I just LOVE the flavour of beef with this curry, but you can use any other protein you like, or add no protein at all. It’s common in Japan to make the curry sauce sans meat, and serve it with a piece of breaded and fried pork cutlet. So you can really take the basic idea of the sauce and apply it however you like!

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After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at http://hot-thai-kitchen.com


Pradeep Rajkumar says:

cute cuirry.. Worcestershire pronunciation .. SWEET VIDEO…

Rand U says:

Will give it a try and congratulations on getting married!   🙂

macfrankist says:

Wow very pretty lady.

Ria Dudung says:

You have me at apple puree! Thanks!

Dee Reid says:

mmmmm mouthwatering…..

Brother Bear says:

The foundation of Japanese curry is a roux so….there is no roux here….hmmm…..

gordon6029 says:

We could have so much fun in the kitchen together! I haven’t had a chance to go through all your recipes but have you done krapow moo yet?

Manas Kumar says:

Hi, i love all your receipes.

cartergirl3of3 says:

I’m sorry, did you just ell me to PUT msg in my food??

iAmLeng3 says:

i love your videos 😉

divrgntsoul says:

Holy sht I think I just fell in love?

Omar Alharbi says:

is there a substitute for the beef stock ?

Ria says:

Thanks for the recipe which I’ll try. I’ve avoided the Japanese curry cubes due to all the artificial additives listed.

Layby2k says:

great video Pai thank you…I’d love one on a Japanese chicken katsu curry

Keith R says:

You speak to my soul!

Anderson Liang says:

noone will get all these ingredients to make the curry when you can easily use the japanese curry block and that should be more authentic tasting.

Kamalika Mukherjee says:

Hi Pailin. I like your recipes a lot. Do you know this curry closely resembles the traditional Bengali mutton curry which is also known as mutton kasha. Though we use goat meat and instead of curry powder we use ground cumin, corriander, tumeric and chilli powder. Tomato puree is used in stead of tomato paste, but the purists prefer beaten curd or yogurt. Potatoes are usually the only vegetable added to it but the main difference of flavour is the addition of garam masala and clarified butter. It is served with rice too. I just think it is so interesting how two dishes from different countries can be so similar.

geoff2204 says:

Quick way to thicken dishes is to use potato starch. It doesn’t tend to lump together, so you can just sprinkle and stir.

Susie Athey says:

Sooo… this is basically beef stew with extra seasonings? I’ve made beef stew a lot! And I really want to try Japanese curry, thank you for this! You’re video was great and has de-mystified the recipe and I feel confident that I can make it and get a true representation of this dish!

choi allson says:

thanks so much Pai.. i made it yesterday n its delicious.. but since i live alone i have so much leftover.. how long can i keep it on a fridge?

Tara Smith says:

Will 2 hours be sufficient to make the beef tender?

No-Title says:

How many Flavor have you heard in this Video?

Robert Holland says:

Subscribed! Thanks!

Stacey Kelly says:

This is the BEST video I’ve seen for Japanese Curry from scratch. Thank you!!!

Tori McInnes says:

Thank you!!!!! I can’t usually eat much gluten so I can make this now gluten freeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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