Japanese Curry 4 Ways!!

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Japanese Curry


For The Curry
1 Tbsp butter
1 large onion, sliced thinly (approximately 10 oz)
1 tsp grated garlic (approximately 1 clove)
1 tsp grated ginger
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp black pepper
1 1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup chicken stock
1/4 cup sake
4.2 oz. Japanese curry block (mild or hot)

For the Starch
1 cup warm cooked rice, 1 portion cooked udon (cooked by following the package) or any starch you’d like to serve with

For Asparagus & Tomato Curry
1 1/4 cup curry base
4 to 5 asparagus, cut into bite size
4 to 5 cherry tomato, cut into bite size

For Pork curry
1 1/4 cup curry base
4 oz shabushabu pork
1 poached egg

For Tonkotsu Curry
1 1/4 cup curry base
1 serving tonkatsu, Japanese style pork cutlet, cooked sliced and ready to go

dFor Karaage Udon
1 1/4 cup curry base
3 to 4 pieces karaage
1 poached egg
1 green onion, chopped

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Christopher Wallace says:

Do you have a single sister?

jieimi2 says:

wow all of these look amazing!

Homer Thompson says:

Thank you Seonkyoung. I just made this for dinner tonight but with potatoes, carrots, and chuck roast using the Vermont Curry Hot and serving with steamed rice and over some asparagus and roma tomatoes like your vegetarian recipe. That was outstanding and I’m glad to have another couple servings in the fridge. I might have to try this over yakisoba too.

debabrata roy says:

You all use so much spices

April Hum says:

You are so great! But!!!!! Are you pregnant?

draconity says:

I need your help! I just bought S&B curry for the first time. I’ve never made Japanese curry before. Some instructions say to use the entire block for 3.5 cups of liquid. Other instructions say to use half the box for that amount of liquid. What do I do??

shanexiiao白魔啥小 says:

Wow u can cut without looking onion

Evelyn Grace says:

My favorite curry is topped deep fried Panko kimchi

Seonkyoung Longest says:

YAY! Finally new video is up guys!! Thumbs up if you’re excited!!! Get there written recipe here! -> http://seonkyounglongest.com/japanese-curry-4ways

Ryzzhan says:

swear it never fails to put a smile on my face when you say noodles <3 . and this made me so hungry now. and i just had dinner!

ee S says:


Joshua Benjamin Esq. says:

this is the best page ever !! I’ve been looking to learn Japanese cuisine I think ill commit to learning through this channel!! one question what is a good brand of udon noodles that the fourth recipe looked to die for!

SBVCP says:

I will try again but i must admit, i hate cinnamon

Candace Vaillette says:

I was hoping you could make the curry with the powder so I can see that done. I have used the blocks for years and yes I do love them, both brands.

TheDukeOfWales says:

has like, anybody free-styled on this background beat yet?

Cherie Walkowiak says:

Thank you for this recipe!! I recently discovered Japanese curry at a restaurant near my new job, and wanted to try to make it, per my 13-year old vegetarian daughter’s request. I love that you show four ways to make it, becuase my 11-year old son tends toward iron deficiancy, so I often make vegetarian dishes for her that I can add meatto for him. Everybody loved it, and it’s so easy! Also – you are super cute!! Thanks again. : )

jerseyqueen888 says:

Love you!!! Best videos for sure!!!!!

Jovi Bie says:

love, love all the food you make! your recipe is easy to make from home no need to go to restaurants, very economical for the whole family! i make them myself; very delicious! thank u so much for making this happen! Asian at Home! Yummy!!!!

Malak says:

Hi! I loved this video thank you! Is it possible to replace the sake by something non alcoholic ???

VisionShades says:

Where is CoCo curry?

WikipediaNerd says:

I just made this!! Omg it tastes sooooo good!!! Thank you for making this recipe.

Jenai Silapan says:

Sweetness overload when u exchanged your bowls. ♥️ nice vid. I’ll cook this weekend. Thanks a lot

1788deon says:

Cocos is the best

L Östergren says:

After my trip to Japan last year, one of the things I really miss is the curry. However all the videos I’ve seen online has onion and lots of it as a base in the sauce, but I don’t remember having any pieces of onion in my food when I was there. Do the restaurants sieve them out or do they make it in some other way?

Garth says:

Making a Japanese curry from scratch is easy..I mean compared to some of the Indian stuff I do it’s a complete breeze..So It’s basically a sauce made from onions garlic mild/med/hot curry powder carrots (apple op extra but worth it) flour, stock and soya sauce..This is the basic recipe but you can go a little further..You then do one of three things cook it and then serve it or blend it or strain it..It’s entirely up to you..i can write out the full recipe should anyone wish

Dharshiney says:

I tried this recipe and it turned out amazing!!!
I love coco curry so much and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to making it!!!
Thank you!!!
Much love from Singapore <3

Daniel Campos says:

ASMR starts at 8:09

Henry Ribeiro Yabiko says:

I suggest to add Champignon!

Fairy Tail says:

More like Japanese Curry all ways.

Universe Says says:

I love S&B Golden Curry! Seriously one of my favorite curries ever. I haven’t tried the Vermont Curry, I don’t think.

Rachel Robijn says:

Seon, question from Holland, if you dont like sake, what can you use as subsitute.

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