Japanese Cold Ramen Noodles HIYASHI CHUKA RECIPE

Japan’s most popular noodle summer dish is hands-down Hiyashi Chuka. It’s a savory dish using ramen noodles ( egg noodles ) and is refreshing and delicious. Subscribe! http://goo.gl/18SB8p

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White sesame seeds https://goo.gl/i9dcH9
Rice Vinegar https://goo.gl/02ahrr
Soy Sauce https://goo.gl/SG5nGd
Sesame oil https://goo.gl/WJgLvA

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SteffieIsPale says:

Looks good, I’ll give it a try before summer is over!

Eli Rm says:

I am hotter!!

キャット G says:

That opening made me literally LOL
PLEASE send us the summer, we have yet to get over 30° and tonight it is part of a cold patch at 12°C, hottest to come this week will be 21°C. I’m at a comfortable temperature, nowhere near hot enough to enjoy cold foods! Want to make this!

Marsha says:

I made this for my family following your recipe for the dressing/toppings and we all enjoyed it so much! didn’t have fresh or dry ramen noodles so replaced with somen noodles instead, will have to try with ramen next time. thanks for the recipe 🙂

Howard B says:

Hiyashi Chuka is a summertime favorite for me and my husband when it is too hot to cook a regular meal. We love the colorful array of fresh vegetables and meats that can be used with this dish. I don’t usually make my own sauce, I usually use the sauce packet that comes with the noodles! I will have to give your sauce recipe a try. Keep up the good work, you guys are an inspiring couple.

Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

Yum!!! 😀

Alice Knabel says:

i really can’t watch these videos with the bg music i’m done subbing i can’t handle it it hurts my brain

Scarlett Cooper says:

The sassy opening made me laugh out loud! Plus the recipe looks so YUMMILICIOUS

HulaLulu Jones says:

That looks amazing! I can’t wait to make it!

Diane Cavallero says:

wow, this looks super tasty! And here i was trying to think of a nice recipe for using up my vegetable garden harvest! xx

Sheena L. says:

Thanks for the recipe!! I definitely will be making this on a hot summer day .

tinker bell says:


Olivia Alhafidh says:

Hahahahahahhhaaa….. you killed with that opening!! Look so GOOD those noodles!!

Imru I says:

Wow. That looks really good.

Maggie cruz says:

Love it!!! Thank you for recipe!!!

Brook Curtis says:

I made this tonight! I loved it! My husband not so much. Looks like he might starve on our upcoming trip to Tokyo.

Lisa Warner says:

Great recipe and beautiful filming.

Dee nSF says:

Love your cold ramen, how about cold somen, everyone has a good level of awareness of ramen, mostly served hot as you’d indicated, but now that you’ve introduced many to the cold ramen, I hope you’ll show us your take on cold somen, with a story of the difference between the two as for preferences. Thank you for your interesting videos.

Daisuke Young says:



I like how you guys are getting creative lately.

CaTAstrophie 22 says:


Balinda Barks says:

I bet that dressing would be good on shredded cabbage.

twocupsoftee says:

My Sweetie relocated and moved in today 33 years after we first met and I made this as our first meal!

It was fantastic, thank you so much!!!!

Platypi007 says:

This sounds amazing!

M Smith says:

Looks amazing!!

clumaster says:

can you use udon noodle?

Secret Diary of a Foodie says:

It’s still winter here but after watching now I’m craving this dish! I might try it with a few alterations for my personal taste, as I’d like to lose a bit of weight and it seems pretty light (I’d cut down on the noodles). What would be the next closest taste to Japanese mustard (I can’t buy it online right now)? Wasabi, horseradish or hot English mustard maybe (I have all three)?

Yoshiko Yeto says:

I’ve been eating hiyashi chuka so much this summer that I’ve burnt out on it. Your version is definitely a welcome change. Thanks for making one of my favorite dishes!

Jay Quintana says:

I’m going to make this. Alas, I don’t have ham, but I do have prosciutto. Hopefully it’ll be a suitable replacement.

Libni Acevedo says:

Loved the intro. Loved the recipe, and love you guys <3

Yumi K F says:

冷やし中華レシピ有難うございました‼️ 私はマヨネーズをつけるのが好きです。

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