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Try this Japanese Cheesecake / cotton cheesecake recipe for a pillowy soft, light & heavenly cheesecake you will ever make.
Get the full recipe at https://goo.gl/IL01q7, more tips are written there to make a perfect Japanese cheesecake.
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Ало Лиз says:

Russia language

Nay Life says:

Japanese Dessert Omelette!!

mike hawk says:

Show me the bottom

Sonicsgirl13 says:

would all purpose flour work? I’m baking my cake right now

Hiam Muhammad says:

it’s not easy to make

Surya Kumarajni says:

super o super

Florentina Amorim says:

Oi gostaria muito que a receita fosse traduzida em português, obrigado.

kubbiss says:

I recently tried this recipe and gotta say I love it! Its not overly sweet, light, fluffy, moist and just perfect. Everyone loved it. Well worth the effort. Ty for the recipe 🙂

silvia almaraz says:

RECETA EN ESPAÑOL ! Por favor , gracias

kskxmxm xkxkms says:

better than Buzzfeed a little bit

Avid Abstractions says:

I want to try this! It looks so amazingly yummy!!!!

Sum Multi sum says:

If you like this you will like peaceful cuisine

Jose Garcia says:

una pregunta cuando lo vates el cuenco que tienes abajo que es agua esta algo caliente por lo que veo es como un baño maria lo digo bien

Anant Gautam says:

I thought we had to fold in the egg whites

Pheobe Feather says:

tried it just a couple of hours ago, turned out NOTHING like the cake here. My egg whites wouldn’t stiffen for some reason although I never had problems stiffening them before and my cake didn’t turn out puffy, but straight out almost flat 🙁 wonder how it will taste like…

Butterfly Reema says:

woow delicious

AlmightyStarfire says:

Can you define ‘cream cheese? There are many different types and all are different.

Nuitella says:

kill me now

Sylvies_Vlogs&KrimsKrams TV says:

I think its only a baked omelette?

Jamie Reid says:

All that for a cheesecake! here’s my 3 ingredient recipe.

2 packs of soft cheese.
1 pack of Lotus caramelized biscuits.
2 table spoons heaps of butter.
100g of caster sugar.
whisk soft cheese and sugar together.
break biscuits into crumbs.
melt butter and mix with biscuits.
add biscuit mix to cake tin and press down firmly.
spoon on soft cheese mix.
put in fridge for 1 hour. DONE!

Taamz Heart says:

I love the look. But I hate the taste.

Srikanth shankar says:

My mouth is watering like hell

Angelina Ghost says:

if i add strawberry instad of lemon, everything will be ok, right?

Black Rabbit says:

Why does it keep zooming in

Gülmutfağim cafefincan says:

abone oldum sizide beklerim

Luka Larrs says:

Will you be able to taste the egg

akakaaa atch says:

This is a pretty perfect version of a Japanese Cheesecake. Well done!

Hanan Bhat says:

lots of hard work into it….i hope it was worth it.

Mike Hawk says:

Can you make it without eggs?

Paige CreepyPasta says:

Great but… No crust? 😐

Brenda Ajay says:

This seems like the macaron of cakes

Luka Larrs says:

Looks delicious

Pingoon 핑군 says:

Nice video! Please watch my videos about cooking and baking too..! Thank you!

The great May says:

This might be the only cheesecake that id be willing to eat…

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