Japanese Cheese Cake / Basic Newly Improved Recipe

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Japanese Cheese Cake / Basic Newly Improved Recipe

60 gr. Whole Milk / Full Milk
140 gr. Cream Cheese
40 gr. Butter
50 gr. Plain Flour / All Purpose Flour
15 gr. Corn Flour / Corn Starch
5 Eggs (weighs 58-60 gr. each with shell)
100 gr. Fine Sugar

Oven Setting: Top and bottom heat elements without fan!!!
Preheated Oven: 120°C

Baking Temperature: 120°C
Baking Time: 20 minutes
After 20 minutes, keep the oven door closed. Increase the temperature to 150°C and continue baking for 15 minutes.
(Watch the video for clear instructions)

Baking Temperature: 150°C
Baking Time: 15 minutes
After 15 minutes, open the oven door and it open for 10 seconds and then close back up. Now lower the temperature to 100°C
(Watch the video for clear instructions)

Baking Temperature: 100°C
Baking Time: 40 minutes
After 40 minutes, turn off the oven. Open the oven door and close back up. Let the cake cool down in the oven for 10 minutes.

Baking time may vary depending on the type and accuracy of your oven.
If you want to succeed baking this recipe, I suggest you buy yourself a thermometer to place in the oven.


nga judy says:

Thanks Micheal you too have lots of love and happiness ☺️


very welldone

himechan15 says:

Can I adjust the recipe for a 9 inch pan? Or just decrease the cooking time and use the same measurements?

Tammy Wu says:

I followed the baking instructions. I tested it with a toothpick and it came out sticky. Is this the expected result?

HasukoXD says:

Hi Michael! I’m going to be making this for Christmas, and I have a 9 inch pan. What would the measurements be? should I double everything? thanks in advance!

Harry Djohan says:

my mini oven only have options to use bottom heating element OR botom + top + fan, which one should I choose in this case?

Rakesh Persaud says:

Excellent job, thanks, and look very delicious. Love from NYC .

Teravet Yusubova says:

You are the best teacher.thank you for cooking so yummy and nice cakes and sharing with us.❤❤❤

chataboutcakes says:

Absolute perfection Michael, a clear step by step visual master class. Genius, Thank you.

Suzzette Lettman says:

Hi Michael, can I use soya milk for my cheese cake? I can’t use cow milk.

RainieLove says:

Won’t it tasty eggy?

nga judy says:

Thank you Micheal take your time we will wait I have been always looking forward to your recipes
as it is always the best to me…..thank you

Alvinquay1 says:

Michael, thank you for the recipe and detail instructions. Finally, I baked a cake without collapsing after it cools down. The only thing I noticed that some part of the cake has a thin layer of cheese on the bottom of the cake. Please advise. The cake was delicious though. I ate half of the cake in a short time.

ReyZzo YTB says:

hello boss you have a website or blog to follow you ?

abigail tan eyang kiang says:

TQVM for the sharing. Do u apply oil to the side of the pan?

Sazila Sazali says:

what a very nice view…

Alvinquay1 says:

I meant the cake tasted so good and we ate it all. We did not make any picture.

Cely Agustin says:

Thanks for sharing,,❤
From Singapore

Quangkhanh Nguyen says:

kung – fu

nga judy says:

Micheal when can we start learning how to make croissants from you

Sarah San says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, I cant wait to try this out!!

j M says:

Sorry about asking…what is the white bowl (Brand’s)? It’s look nice and easy to use。thank you

lekshmi krishna says:

Hai michel…. am a great fan of ur page…. am a beginner…a person who love cooking and baking… i have tried ur recipies….cotton sponge cake came out really really well.. u r d most calm and perfect baker i have ever seen in youtube channel… have u posted red velvet cake in ur page? If so please giv me d link..if not please try to upload it as soon as possible…. waiting for it:-):-):-)

mekselina türker says:

What’s the fat and water ratio in your cream cheese? There are various type of cream cheese in my country so i think it might change the texture of the cake if I don’t ask. Thanks.

Tammy Wu says:

I am confused with the baking instructions. At 120C , bake 15 min then increase temp to 150C and bake 15 min. Then bake another 15 minutes, open oven door for 10 sec and lower temp to 100C. Bake 40 min and turn off oven. Baking time all up is 85 min. Is that correct?

Katherine Lok says:

Can I use stevia powder or monk fruit powder instead of sugar for a diabetic?

Wijaya NKS says:

Do you open cooking class in Belgium? Where are you based? I usually stay in Bruges

xxxXXXCH04XXXxxx says:

No lemon juice + zest? O:

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