This recipe is extremely easy to make and will keep in the fridge for weeks, if not months. This sauce can be used to marinade the meat before cooking or as a dip, as shown in this video.
As for all recipes, please feel free to omit or add any ingredients you wish. Experiment and perfect to your own taste.
Ingredients (serves 4-5 people):
apple x 1/2 Tbsp
grated ginger x 1 tsp
garlic x 1 clove
brown onion or shallot or spring onion x 1 tsp
sake x 3Tbsp
soya sauce x 3Tbsp
mirin x 2 Tbsp
sugar x 1 tsp
white miso x 1 tsp
rice vinegar x 1 tsp
bonito flakes x 1 small handful
roasted white sesame seeds x generous amount

beef – sirloin
rocket leaves
black pepper
cooking oil


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Free to Cook says:

Great videos dude! really enjoying your channel.

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Happy holidays, miss your recipes! Hope all is well 🙂

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I want you to join Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube community! There is no Japanese cooker to introduce authentic Japanese cooking to the world! Since Jamie focuses on healthy food, Japanese food has to be there! 🙂

Jason Lee says:

u havent posted

800lb Gorilla says:

Chef, what do you think about holding the steak on edge and actually searing the fat cap first, allowing some of that fat to render into the pan, and then cooking the steak as normal? I’ve been doing this lately and see no downside, plus it effectively bastes the steak in its own fatty juices. I’m surprised I have’t seen anyone else doing this, and wonder if there is a reason.

leet_thrust says:

Why haven’t you posted new videos?

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Chef Dai, please! More Videos!

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Can I use White wine instead of Sake?

maftj says:

someone knows if he is ok ?? :I

Koenigsegg CCX says:

thank you so much for this, I made it for my dad’s birthday and it went great!

Fiona Leung says:

Hi Dai, this is Fiona from Macau. I’ve just subscribed to your channel. While I also enjoy other chefs’ videos, what is absolutely amazing about you is that you not only share your recipes, but also go the extra mile to explain the details that have always been overlooked by other chefs, such as why you need to score the fish, why you are cooking at a certain temperature, etc. I really appreciate your patience and consideration for novice cooks like me 🙂

zaczoid says:

You sear the fat for crunch but then you cut it off? Any particular reason this is done?

OSkyFireO says:

Thank you for your amazing videos. I made this and loved it!!n you share the name of the Knives you use please?

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Where have you gone Chef?

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can you quickly make some more filleting videos

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How to eat Alaskan King Crab – Japanese technique
Please tell me what knife is in that video please. Everyone on that video wants one. Please please please respond!

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please give me this chef as a birthday gift. I need him in my kitchen.

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After visiting Japan I’m glad I found this channel to start learning myself. Will you be posting any dishes soon?

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No more videos?! I love your videos!!

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Simple yet so fantastic !! Thanks to you Dai !

sfBlackFox says:

Just curious, wouldn’t it be better to render the fat first, so it would add flavor in the pan?
Or perhaps, is it done like this so the steak does not curl up?

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where is your restaurant?
I’d like to eat there once

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I have waiting for yr video a long time. When will u post the video again, miss u so much and looking forward to yr best video. I will always support u. To my dear Chef!

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You’re in my top 5 favorite YouTube chefs, and recipes like this are exactly why.

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