How to make Vegetable udon noodle soup – authentic Japanese recipe – 野菜うどん

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How to make Vegetable udon noodle soup – authentic Japanese recipe – 野菜うどん (suitable for Vegans)

Udon x 100g
Dashi / Stock x 400ml
Please click the link below to watch the “how to make dashi” video
alternatively, if you want to watch the “how to make vegetarian dashi” video, please click below:

Salt x 2g
Sake x 1 Tbsp
Light Soya sauce x 1 Tbsp
Mirin x 1/2 Tbsp
Vegetables x Any (This dish is a perfect base for any vegetables you may wish to include. Shiitake mushrooms, wakame seaweed, spinach and raw spring onions are my favourite vegetables to include)
Shichimi chilli powder x optional

This umami packed vegetable udon dish is light, healthy and extremely flavourful. The broth is comforting and subtle in taste, yet complex and deep in flavours.

Thank you watching everyone!!!


Lovelyn honggkong says:

my God so handsome:)

mongol hun says:

wow like it. looks very healthy

Johji Uehara says:

that is the sharpest knife I have ever seen.

Reah Thorolund says:

You have the most relaxing voice, I really love it!

tiingmo cheeks says:

Udon recipe looks nutritious, great for a cold windy day. You have inspired me to make a flower out of the shiitake mushroom, kawaii

Lola Liria says:

i love your voice!

Michael Twiss says:

Very Tasty!  What would be an appropriate substitution for the dashi broth to make this a vegan dish?

Valberta G says:

I noticed Dashi stock is one of the important ingredients in Udon noodle soup. But I checked the ingredients and it has MSG. Could i substitute with chicken or vegetable stock?

Emily Henford says:

Why are the handles of the pots so tiny?
Awesome video btw!

GizmoBee1702 says:

Your lessons are excellent. The use of some ingredients not always available in local USA markets brings questions about substitution. I”m lucky. Your presentation is always lovely and inviting.

Aidan McIntosh says:

It’s really hard to get a shimeji nor shitake mushrooms here alright, can I replace them with anything else? Or would it affect the dashi too much (if I replace them)??

Legoman says:

Love this video and very easy to follow also thank you for making two versions of the stock. May I please make a request of how to make ramen noodle soup. Thank you, cool accent btw.

minouchka says:

is it possible to make it without alcohol

fahmi irfan says:

how do i substitute sake sir?

Obamawasaninsidejob says:

I really like your videos mate, you work clean, steady and carefully. Explain everything very well and add extra details that make it a lesson in cooking rather than purely a recipe. i’ve been cooking for 5 years in bistros and I always learn something new about ingredients and techniques watching you.

Sanel R. says:

I think a shot of some kind of oil would make it even better 😀

Jess Page says:

Hi, are you aware of a good gluten free noodle brand? Or is there no such thing?

Heather Easley says:


Salty Caramel says:

Looks delicious! I’ll definitely be trying out this recipe, myself and my mother love mushrooms.

Sky Wrath says:

Omg.. i must try this . the ingrediient are easy to find

Sol angel says:

Oishii, miteru dake demo ioshii. Restoran wa doko desuka.

ImatatorMigs says:

Had to adjust stock recipe due to buying a buoullon version. However, love this meal as I am not a keen veggie fan. Added thin sliced ginger, enoki, green onion, and cilantro. Love and can’t wait for my videos!

Reality says:

I’ve got my meals planed out ’til mid-week but I will grab these ingredients Tuesday and make it when available. Loos great, and love the shiitake mushroom flower trick.

SkiesAbove UnlimitedStargazer says:

Thank You Very Much! I will make this at home! Thumbs Up! Awesome!!!! Yum Yum Yummy!

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