How to Make Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot) RECIPE

Sukiyaki is one of the most popular Japanese dishes that everyone loves. It’s a hearty and delicious dish and is also easy to make at home. Subscribe!


Soy Sauce
Shirataki Noodles

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Christine Frederick says:

Hi guys! I have a question. I dont know the recipe for sure (my dad knows), but my grandmother used to make sukiyaki with beef bones and bone broth. Is that a thing?

primatebuddy says:

There was a Japanese restaurant where I live that served sukiyaki with a quail egg. It was delicious, but it was served in a huge pot rather than individual pieces cooked, more like a stew than anything else. Also, quail eggs are small, so it probably was not nearly enough egg for the dish.

Mary Friedling says:

I love sukiyaki too. My Japanese mother taught me to make it years ago. Have you made a video on katsudon?

George Moore says:

In the US we can use raw quail eggs in place of chicken eggs.

David Appleton says:

I’m drooling!

gardengalsu says:

I learned to eat it with a raw egg, so I enjoy it in the USA and nothing bad happened! delicious … Now please teach us how to use a ‘donabe’. I cracked my 1st one and now have a beautiful (gifted) version. Help me keep it beautiful!

Kay Souvannakily says:

thk for sharing.. us Laos n Thailand our version is like soup n alot of veggies.. i will try to version n see look delicious n raw eggs yummy protein

Francescadbg says:

Is the difference between shabu shabu and sukiyaki the broth?

Shoshana Kleiman says:

double YUM!

Tokyo Drew says:

Awesome job guys! Love Sukiyaki! And to all those who have not tried raw egg with it… just makes it taste that much better!

Abadi Kelantan says:

looks yummy … wanna try but I leave in Spain not in the main big cities and difficult to find ingredients… is it possible to change the type of Noddles and the mashroom

Reyn Silversong says:

Thank you guys so much, this has to be my favorite Japanese dish too, and its not that common in the restaurants around here – now I just need to find ingredients and I can make it myself!

キャット G says:

Sukiyaki without a raw egg is as blasphemous as having Gyudon without the raw egg over top.

D Lee says:

In recent years, it getting harder to find Japanese restaurants in the USA that serve sukiyaki. I thought I’d be able to find sukiyaki in San Francisco and Seattle, but no luck. There used to be a Japanese restaurant in Seattle that served it, but the owner retired and the new owner eliminated it.

El capitane says:

i just cant eat raw egg because of the consistency is slimy…

Plejade says:

If someone is watching EmmyMadeInJapan you know how crazy people get when you use raw eggs XD we here in Switzerland have a lot of raw egg in desserts like mousse, cake roll, tiramisu and so on, oh and mayonnaise too. They are pretty safe if you buy from a good farmer and fresh. I would loooove to taste Sukiyaki, also Oden thosere were my bucketlist foods, ohh I’m just a fan of brewed stuff in a big pot 😀 looked amazing, I think I will try it myself even I don’t know how it shoul taste^^’ Thank you so much for sharing

Sally Chen says:

OMG Yesterday we JUST had a Sukiyaki party in our Japanese claas at school XD It was so delicious <3

KamanGround says:

Yayyy mukbang

Tania Loves Japan says:

I wish I could have tried that when we were there. Next time I guess!

Bethany's World says:

I don’t know what the green plant is.

Alessandro Nelli says:

You guys are great! Looking forward a trip to Japan and try everything

halfwaytame says:

what was that cube you used when greasing the pan?

Mindy's Mom says:

You’re presentation is beautiful!!! I’m not a huge fan of eggs in general, so whenever my mom made Sukiyaki, it was always rice for me. I found it very interesting, in that cooking shirataki next to the beef, would make the beef tough. Thank you for sharing another awesome video!

KitchenWytch says:

For those state side my suggestion for eggs are 1) find a local person to purchase from. Or 2)we now have pasteurized eggs. It is normal for them to look a little cloudy when you crack them it’s related to the pasteurization process. Personally I go local!

Kahiau T says:

Love sukiyaki and yes raw egg is absolutely essential. My grandpa used to grow giant negi and make sukiyaki for us. It was the best! When he passed away my grandma and mom were never able to fully replicate his recipe. This brings back fond memories ❤

D says:

we do have a place in fort worth that does make sukiyaki but they can’t bring out raw eggs and its not served with rice. but its really delicious.

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