How to Make SPAGHETTI NAPOLITAN (Japanese Pasta Recipe)

One of the most popular pasta dishes in Japan, Napolitan is a dish that consists of spaghetti, tomato ketchup , onion, button mushrooms, green peppers and sausage. This Yoshoku dish was created by Shigetada Irie, the general chef of the New Grand Hotel in Yokohama. Subscribe!


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Jess Kidding says:

Matcha no oven cake!!!!!!!! O.O

Jenny Hu says:

what did satoshi said sapagite haha so cute

lisa tonguis says:

Matcha flan

Pete &Pete says:

I wish I had hot dogs now fucckkk

Clyde D'souza says:

This recipe is so simple that it can be made even in India with local ingredients. I guess it can be made internationally without breaking the bank too much as authentic Italian dishes doing as said by Italians…….

Elsa&lisa says:

Hi Guys! Maybe should explain about the Yoshoku style of cooking? I think it’s great!

hazelpex712 says:

Such cute salt and pepper shakers!

Sour Puss says:

Shinichi and Satoshi! Please make a matcha version of butter mochi!


JT L says:

this recipe is so simple and it looks so good!! will be sure to try it out some day
thank you for this awesome video 😀

Baum roll says:

If you guys haven’t tried this dish, you really should try now.
That would be amazing 😀

Kit Kat says:

I am 1/2 Japanese and my mom made this when I was a kid so I don’t need to acquire the taste for it. To a non-Japanese it might sound like a bad mix of pasta with ketchup but it surprisingly tastes good when properly mixed together with some meat and vegetables. Someone told me Japanese ketchup tastes different than American ketchup too.

strawberrymushroom says:

Omg where did you get those salt and pepper shakers? So pretty!

J.R. Caldoon says:

This looks delicious! I would probably make a couple of substitutions for my own taste, but I’ll have to give it a go! Thanks! <3

jawknee5 says:

oooh la la.

jaime crawford says:

Question: Did you let Vincenzo try this when he was with you guys?? I’d love to hear what he said.

Mi Nishi says:

I am a Japanese and love this pasta. I know Italian does not use kechup for pasta and feels wired about this. But this is not that bad as you think. We normally eat this in an old Japanese style Cafe not in a restaurant. and when we eat this, we feel like so nostalgic like mother’s recipe.
don’t give negative comments before you eat, just try then you can say whatever you think.

by the way European Asian food is also for us a bit strange. (i live in Europe)

molesticles says:

Where did you get your Salt and Pepper? The 30s? I love it.

Paloma Valencia says:

what if i use bulldog sauce instead of ketchup? o.o im addict to it

a j l says:

thank u so much for sharing this lovely homey Japanese special dish
I love how you film the food while showing the recipes
you handled the snobby remarks very well
no one ever said this was Italian food its a Japanese version and experience called spaghetti napolitan
thank u for your fantastic and yummy videos about food and travel!!

Vika S says:

You should do matcha mochi ice cream since it’s already summer~

Hiroyuki@Niigata says:

I’m Japanese, and I love Napolitan! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I have my own preferences, though: I use salad oil, no garlic (a big no no in Japanese cuisine), much more ketchup (2/3 of a 500 g squeeze bottle for 300 g of spaghetti), and I boil spaghetti with no salt, with no consideration for “al dente”.I know that some non-Japanese people shudder at the combination of pasta and tomato ketchup, but I couldn’t care less about cultural imperialism.

Francescadbg says:

I want to make this! I’ve always wanted to eat spaghetti napolitan since I see it a lot on amines 🙂

molesticles says:

This is a recipe for people who can’t cook.

Lisa Rogers says:

Matcha anything is fine with me! lol

Teresa Jenkins says:

even though I lived in Japan for many years this is a new recipe to me. I have two grandchildren who love pasta but do not like tomato sauces, however they love ketchup. How perfect a pasta dish made with ketchup…going to fix it for them soon.

Kei Horihata says:

Well, do you hear us Japanese people complain about how you make your version of “Japanese Food” in the west?? Just like your sushi?! Which is very very far from the real sushi?! We don’t. Because, every food that is being cooked in restaurants are of course matches according to the taste of the customers, which is the local people. So, that’s how we make our pasta, kids love them, adults love them. Not a big deal! You don’t like how we cook pur pasta, then get the hell out of this channel!

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