How to make Oyakodon – a simple Japanese chicken and egg rice bowl recipe

Chef Dai demonstrates how to make “Oyakodon” – a simple yet delicious Japanese rice bowl recipe with tender, juicy nuggets of chicken and fluffy, creamy egg.
Chicken Thigh x 1 (deboned and butterflied)
small white onion x 1/2 small
Egg x 1
Dashi Stock x 5 Tbsp (alternatively use instant stock powder)
Dark soy sauce x 1 Tbsp
Mirin x 1 Tbsp
Sugar x 1 Tbsp
Spring onion x 1
Steamed Rice x 1 bowl
Thinly cut Nori Seaweed (optional)
Mitsuba herb x 2 stalks, cut into 2cm pieces (optional)
Takuan pickles

Oyakodon (親子丼), literally means “parent-and-child rice bowl”. This Japanese classic is a comforting rice bowl dish, in which pieces of chicken thigh, egg, sliced spring onions and white onions, and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce and then served on top of a large bowl of rice. The name of the dish is a poetic reflection of the fact that both chicken and egg are used in the dish.
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Yaren Red says:

What can you use as for replacement for dashi stock?

SashasGuitar Covers says:

He sounds so fed up with life

stephaniepretty says:

i’m just watching out of curiosity, but if someone wants to make this for me, please do! X3

Logan's Life says:

I will try tonight

Elizabeth Kneedler says:

I would love to try eat that but the name of item not easy to find in USA 🙁 Also I’m not a meat cutter.

SlaveTrader says:

I love Japanese food but this dish looks gross af. I hate undercook chicken or undercooked eggs. Also crazy hearing asian guy with british accent, first time i heared it lol

CottageCheezeRocks says:

Firebats outro anyone?

Passang Lhamo says:


Aaren YASS says:

Now i REALLY have to find where to get Mirin because so many recipes i’m interested in use it and it must be crucial and unique to these dishes because no alternatives have ever been offered to my knowledge. –

arelunk says:

May I know the best substitute for the mirin? Is regular vinegar okay? Love how simple and easy this recipe is.

Fida Ruzki says:

what should I substitute with if I don’t want to use mirin

Nabil Kh M says:

can i use creamed/condensed sweet soy sauce ?

J Espinola says:

more like oyakoDON’T, you should sear the chicken first to add more texture and flavour then add the sauce

John L says:

Thank you!

round pinkish face says:

omg this is the best thing ever, british accent with japanese food

Hamzah Fajar says:

although the chef is japanesse but the accent is british wow

R0b Cruz says:

I don’t like how he ate all the seaweeds in one bite leaving like non for the rest of the meal >.<

VeNuS2910 says:

i’m going to try this. thank you. 🙂

Valentina Boga says:

oh my god!!!

no_1 Perfect says:

wow looks delicious… so should i use Vinegar instead Mirin , not sure its available here in local market.

nimay13 says:

Japanese Dark and Light Soy sauces are different from ordinary dark/light soy sauce. How to know which is which? And in case of the absence of said ingredients, can I substitute is for ordinary ones?

Also, can I skip mirin entirely as it contains alchohol? Or better yet a substitute for it.

Verlain ePock says:

watchin this while eating white rice help a lot . . . .

Gabriel Heidi says:

Mom and child in a bowl. Savage.

Stefani Mo says:

You can’t do this to me!! I’ve already had my dinner and I’m hungry again :””’ lol

Futo Maki says:

Tamahide Restaurant in Tokyo is very famous for that – Well done and Thank You Sensei Dai San

Alice Madness says:

What can i replace mirin with? Honey?

Mathieu Neron says:

Loved making this! I actually cooked the oignon and chicken only first to caramelize and deglazed it with the sauce after. Added some siracha mayo to the finished dish, was the bomb!

Daniel Fagboyegun says:

Why am i watching this at 2am? I’m starving and i have homework fml

david yen says:

Dude ate all the seaweed in one bite. Japan Neanderthal

Great One says:

Sea weeds sucks


How much dashi powder is needed to make the dashi stock?

Hoàng Long Nguyễn says:

I tried this a few times, and I personally like to reduce the sugar to teaspoon instead of tablespoon.

dbsill cockney says:

Looks good bruv

Dominic Ofa says:

Can I use more than one egg or is that going to ruin it?

Jolie says:

Nice translation of dish name

Bernadette Ioanis says:

holy shit.

Glenn Chua says:

Oya-Parent. in this case it means the chicken.Ya means the egg/child. DON-means rice bowl. DON’T take the egg and call it oyako DON when the egg and the chicken ain’t even on the rice yet

Maximiliano Michell says:

I clearly dont have the Dashi here in my country (Chile), is there any replacement ?? what about Mirin Also… I would like to attempt a different kind of Oyakodon, but using the same concept, if its possible

Sabyasachi Dey says:

what can I replace the mirin and dashi stockwith..? I hope I got the spelling right…I don’t think I’ll get these ingredients in my grocery store( Gurgaon,India)

Bandoolero says:

does he know Firebat?

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