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Rice ball is called “Onigiri” in Japanese. Mostly it’s shape is triangle and you can either mix ingredients into rice or fill your favorite ingredient in the rice ball, or both!

There are many furikake (rice seasoning) products at Asian grocery stores, so try out and see how you like it done 😀


Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 3min
Number of servings: 2

Ingredients (2 rice balls)
160g (5.7oz.) cooked white Japanese rice
Furikake (rice seasoning) or filling of your choice

How to Use Furikake:
1. Place cooked rice in a bowl.
2. Mix Furikake of your choice according to the amount written on its package.
3. Wet your hands with water so that the rice won’t stick.
4. Place the seasoned rice on your hand.
5. Form the rice into a triangle, round, or cylinder by pressing lightly with your palms.

How to Use Filling:
1. Place cooked rice in a bowl.
2. Wet your hands with water so that the rice won’t stick.
3. Place the rice on your hand.
4. Make a hole in the center of the rice and place the filling.
5. Form the rice into a triangle, round, or cylinder by pressing lightly with your palms.

You can wrap your Onigiri with a strip or a sheet of Nori seaweed if you prefer.

↓レシピ (日本語)


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– Pierre-Jean Gidon Feat. Sophie + Sergio
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Punz says:

Good god ! I love Onigiri ! Oishi ^_^

officalSionead Jones says:

This looks nice,but where im from we cant get most of the stuff you put in it.Is there any alternatives?

Revick Allkiller says:

So where is the jelly and dough?

ida ayu komang says:


Valerie Chan says:

So I have one question.. I always try to make rice and it ends up like sticking to each other In the pot and when I try to shape it, it always falls apart. How can I make my rice like yours? Pweez respond!

Mikes Grillin says:

Thank you so much i have been looking for this and look foward to making it.I subbed you and please sube me back so we can share with others..

Pablo Leroy Jerez says:

I just wanted to do the Roronoa Zoro’s attack onigiri. Sorry wrong video XD

hinata hijuga says:

What is your trick with the rice, my rice whont stick together

Ameta Gaming//animating says:

i came here from : ”How to Make Bento (#4 Cute Tako-chan Octopus Sausage) タコさんウィンナー

Super Cartoonist says:

I googled jelly filled donuts and this came up.

Arielle Session says:

The rice Ball is delicious

Touka Chan says:

anime also bought me here

Usui Takumi says:

what kind of rice is that?

Terrin Auh says:

Sadness grief sobbed grief crying cronies holy rabies believing wonderful we are Mom and is is a the McDonald grief eating eater grieves lunch or is a the theres rested dinner.

Frosty Games says:


Custer Deo says:

I wonder how those taste like because I never seen or eat one of those so now I’m curious

Eclipse says:

Thanks for the Tut! I made some ongiri for my puppy on my channel.

Kaye Hatsuimono says:

Arigato gozamsu!!! I love rice balls!!

NEET Guru, reach spiritual enlightenment TODAY says:


hamed alzarooni says:

Warning:Comments about jelly-filled donuts. Thanks 4Kids.

markislazy says:

_blap blap beep beep_

Luke Carter says:

These donuts are great! Jelly filled are my favorite!

Arielle Session says:

the rice balls is delicious

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