How to Make Nishime (Japanese Simmered Vegetables Recipe)-Cooking with Mom

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Soy sauce
Dashi powder
Dried shiitake
Bamboo shoots

1/2 chicken thigh
1 small piece lotus root
6-8 snow peas
1/2 small bamboo shoot, boiled
1 small carrot (or 1/2 medium)
1 block konnyaku
3 dried shiitake mushrooms

3 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp dashi powder
1/2 cup water

Quickly reconstitute shiitake by combining with water and a little sugar. Cover and microwave for about 3 minutes. Set aside. Prepare snow peas by tearing off the ends and tough string that runs along its side. Flash boil in salt water for just 30 seconds. Drain and set aside. Next peel and cut the lotus root and set in water to prevent discoloring. Slice bamboo shoots. Peel and cut carrots into bite-sized pieces. Slice the konnyaku and make a slit in the center. Bring one end of the konnyaku through the center and pull to make a knot. Drain and cut cut shiitake into halves. Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Take lotus roots out of the water and set aside.

Put some oil in a large saucepan and stir-fry the chicken until it changes color. Then add the rest of the ingredients except for the snow peas. Cook for 1 minute. Add in the liquid reserved from the shiitake. Cook over medium heat for 3 minutes.

Add in the powdered dashi, sugar, mirin and soy sauce. Cover with aluminum foil and cook covered for 15-20 minutes, giving it a quick mix halfway through. Garnish with the snow peas.

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gardengalsu says:

Our dtr moved away before I had a chance to teach her some ‘old time-y’ recipes, so your mom’s videos make perfect substitutes! Thanks a bunch!

木田亜寿香 says:


Don Sumada says:

Besides Chirashi, Nishime is all time favorite Japanese dish. Thanks for this video. I’ve made it in the past and have added aburage to it which soaks up all the ono flavor. Keep at it guys and mama-san! You’re my new fav youtube station.

Thomas Schneider says:


IndoAreKore インドあれこれ says:


Ree Kay says:

🙁 I am sooo homesick! I am from Hawaii and my family eats meals such as this and I can just smell the aromas… #mouthwatering

barbj672000 says:

Where can I buy Konnyaku Jelly online??

Yzzy98 says:

what is the taste of konnyaku jelly?

ShadowayeLeFay says:

i dont why but i started crying at the end of the video… its so sweet and heartwarming… *sniff*

Munira Rajkotwalla says:

Haha, isn’t the opening song from Shin-Chan?? :’)

Rachel Chong says:

your mother is adorable!

jackii sharona says:

Thank you mama for your sharing!

Enchanteralle says:

Aw your mother is so sweet and talented! I’m new to our channel, but I’m loving your videos because I am not someone who likes to cook all the time, especially given my busy work hours. So I like simple and quick recipes. I watched several videos already and the tutorials taught me that as long as I have the ingredients, it’s not impossible to replicate the recipe shown in the video! Thank you so much for sharing!

Maisie Li says:

Sure to try!Thankyou so much !What a wonderful Mum!

Chan Goes to Japan says:


Kaoriocha says:

What’s the purpose of adding aluminum foil (Otoshibuta) vs. using only the regular lid???

Carlyn Lauder says:

Oh, yummmmm…this nimono looks delicious!!!!

Nermie90505 says:

Sincerest thanks to U and to your お母さん for this terrific dish. I lost my own mother a dozen years and — through this video, I was reminded of her today and her 御節料理 for お正月 — most especially her お煮染め ☺️

She made hers with 里芋 so I’ll be adding that when I give this dish a try but I was wondering: what’s the difference between “Nishime” and “Nimono”?

Just discovered UR channel! I’ll be going through your library of videos to see what other goodies I can find and will be looking forward to new videos!

samie S.L. says:

Thank you Tabieats guys for sharing Shinichi’s mum’s cooking. God bless!

Nicole Rok says:

I love how Satoshi is so respectful to your mother; maybe it’s just japanese social standard but I wish it was like this in the US

meowcedez says:

Mmmm!! I love nishime!! Your mom is so sweet 🙂 Thank you for cooking okaa-san!

abermin says:


Marcy Douglas says:

I live in central U.S. and have always wanted to try lotus route. would you know where it would be available here? and what dose it tasted like?

lucy griffith says:

your mom is so sweet. i really enjoy your channel.

Kiyoko Hernandez says:

now I can make my own food ! oishii and thanks to mother !

halym smith ハリーム says:

your mum is so sweet 🙂

Vita Kato says:

watching this is like having a mother near by my side I’m here in Japan.,have two kids of my own I am not lucky having a mother in law that can teach me Japanese dishes.this made me cry….thank you for opening your channel gives me strength and more courage and live happily with my family here.

Linda Gershater says:

Love your mother. Reminds me of my grandmother whom have missed for a very long time. I used to love to cook with her too.

kawaiikowai08 says:


Danny Martinez says:

hi guys your mom is awesome!!! God bless her!!! Love your video, all ready a subscriber of your channel.
have a wonderful day!!!

Kiyoko Hernandez says:

oishii !

energetic00cookie says:

I agree with so many comments, it was almost like i felt her love through her cooking just by looking at how pretty it was, and she’s just so cute! I bought lotus root today and wanted to see an easy and delicious way to cook this, but i got so much more feels than expected lol

Amitarashi says:

this video is just great and it deserves way more views! just like your other videos! they are all great and i love watching them.

Lia Bucala says:

Hi, there. What is Konyaku made of? Thanks!
Loving your channel! Subscribed and likes all videos I’ve watched!

Justin Flynn says:


Sherman Brown says:

I’m heading to a local Asian market (H-Mart) today to pick up all the ingredients. Looks so delicious.

Nikita Lei says:

May I know what stock did you put in the pot after placing the vegetable in pot ?

Chef John Politte says:

Nice, love the videos

Joanne Nakayama says:

I just love your mom! The way you two gently care for her makes me smile. Enjoy your trip home to Hawaii. Can’t wait to see what “onolicious” places you visit and film!

pete chan says:

very heart felt

Sandra Bird says:

Excellent video,Mom,I am gathering everything & cooking this dish for tonight’s dinner. DomoArigato!

marakii 97 says:

You’re mom is so super cuuuute!! I wish her much health!! Nice recipe! 🙂

Heidi Hei says:

I never log in to comment on anything, but after seeing this I had to. Your mother is so adorable, it makes me miss my own mom! I’ve been devouring your travel videos for the past few weeks and now started with the recipes and have to say they are all awesome. Thank you so much for all your hard work on making these clips for us! You bring a smile to my face <3 All the best to your mother and keep up the good work guys! Can't wait for new adventures!

TabiEats says:

Nermie90505 HI there. Welcome to our channel!!! Thank you for checking us out! They are basically the same thing except that Nimono can mean any single vegetable cooked that way. Nishime is a combination of ingredients cooked in one dish. I hope you enjoy this one Nermie.

Yami Chan says:

Your moms apron is cute

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