How To Make Mesmerizing Japanese Desserts

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Me says:

Rie is my favorite tasty producer she is so like, amazing

Antonie Arbogast says:

less atomic bomb.. more english please

1nkyparchment says:

Rie is right, our desserts aren’t always very pretty. But I always make my desserts as pretty as possible, so they’re more appealing to eat.

(I’m sad, I don’t know anything about Korean culture. My father wants me to go to Korea with him when I’m older but I honestly would miss home too much. Born and being raised in America, I don’t know how I’d cope with being overseas from my family and friends, even for a short amount of time.)

(My parents are adopted Korean. Mom was born in Korea and raised in America. I don’t know anything about her family overseas because she’s never wanted to know, she has a family here in America and that’s all that matters to her. On the other hand, Dad and his twin brother were born and raised in Korea but were adopted and brought over to America after their father died when they were five.)

Jeniffer Gamble says:


Diana Odinson: Heroin of hyrule says:

I love rie ❣️

Abigail Scorsone says:

I’ve never made a dessert from scratch before but hearing Rie say she loves seeing people recreate her videos made me want to do that immediately

I aM ASIAN! So hi says:

I’m Japanese

Galaxy Of Diamonds says:

Tbh I watch these Japanese videos mostly bcs I love her accent

Ana- MAZING! says:

she reminds me of that chef from ratatouille. i love her so much! more of rie please!!!

Jimin’s Jams Lost In Space says:

Mochi is getting popular because of our Jiminie!

Efi says:

If I was Japanese i’d miss home too

Kelsey Farr says:

I ALWAYS USE FOOD AS A ICE BREAKER NO MATTER WHERE I AM!, literally even do it in the sauna if there’s a few woman and it’s too quite, why be awkward and quite when we can all talk about our favorite foods c:

PickleLoaf says:

Rie is SO CUTE!!

Varun Khetan says:

I made the RAINDROP CAKE tysm ❤️❤️

Nekkie Feathers says:

4:03 my heart

panic!ng isnotacrime says:

Im sorry you’re home sick 🙁

Kimia says:

Wow I love Rie and how she’s able to incorporate personal and relatable elements into her videos.

Erin PRINTER says:

she’s so adorable oml

Missy Pendragon says:

I love rie!

WalnutTime says:

*she says that matcha ice cream is packed with antioxidants and boosts metabolism*

**gets exited because I can eat it without guilt**

**finds out it’s a little bitter**

*I’m not gonna lie, you had me for the first half*

Ash Qeeela says:

You’re cute says:

Looks amazing

Chad says:

Rie is a goddess and I love her so much. TASTY GIVE OUR QUEEN AN AWARD

V Love Nikki says:

When she spinned it was so cute

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