How to make Japanese Curry Rice(Box Roux Recipe) カレーライスの作り方

Everybody loves Japanese Curry Rice and we’ll show you how to make it better!
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Follow the directions on the box of your Curry Sauce Mix. The typical ingredients are potatoes, carrots, onions and meat. Here are a few additional tricks I use to make the curry taste even better.

*Saute 1 onion (minced) until transluscent before adding the rest of the ingredients.
*Add a little salt and pepper to your meat while cooking.
*Serve with steamed rice and enjoy.

We used Vermont Curry

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・ジャガイモ 小 3個(中1と1/2個)
・ニンジン  中 1/2本
・タマネギ  中 2個
・肉(お好きな肉) 250g
・油  適量
・カレールー 半箱
・水 750ml




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PanimateJP says:

Curry looks amazingly good, I like “kawatsuki” potatoes too ! “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” really got my attention lol

TabiEats video visuals always impressed me, but recently, the production value got insanely great, just saw your “Shingen-Mochi” video, it was stunning !

Lydia Huang says:

Can you make a curry roux recipe please?

issaavedra says:

great! thanks

michig911 says:

Arigoto goziemasu!

Dustin Baylen says:

am i the 50,000th view?! O_O

_Nyanko_ says:

this video was so helpful! I was having trouble cause my curry was to thick and not having any sauce at all, but this really helped me 😀 thanks~♡

Jay Quintana says:

Hi. Thanks for the video! Can you add the roux at the same time as you add the water?

hedleychua says:

Which curry roux brand and type is your favorite?

KimMii Cha says:

how long did u let it simmer or boil after adding the curry cubes?

MrVVnz says:

Hey nice video… can you please share what name to look for when looking for the Curry blocks? Thanks

KimMii Cha says:

how long do u let it simmer or boil after adding the curry cubes?

Chasty Ai says:

where can we get those curry cube here in the Philippines??? i think is not available here??

Elo Elo says:

recette sympa et simple à faire. Merci beaucoup pour l’explication^^

ダグちゃん says:


Harry P. Ness says:

in stead of mincing the.other onion take the onion to a cheese grater instead it will release all the.oils and make an onion pulp.

Adam G says:

I experimented with basmati rice and japanese curry and it was epic.

Yoko Yeap says:

Your voice is so soothing (:

cuzzoaz says:

Look delicious, I love the picture in the background that says Don’t Grow up it’s a trap lol. 🙂

M Holb says:

Ok, I tried this and yummmm. I used chicken, mushrooms. carrot and potato and rice. I must say, as a Southern Boy, I am not used to 2 starches in a dish (rice + potato) but was surprised. All worked well together. I hope I can remember where I got the box of curry from heh. 🙂

KimMii Cha says:

how long did u let it simmer or boil after adding the curry cubes?

Memosne says:

I love curry rice!!! When I could eat it. =( Do you think there would ever be an easy way to make Japanese style curry gluten free? 

I especially love the pickled red veggies that come with it….I never know what it’s called though! Fukujinzuke?

Love the videos as always! =)

Fuzz Face says:

Hi Tabi! Can i replace The beef with Tofu. I´m a vegetarian so i´d like to know 🙂

KimMii Cha says:

how long did u let it simmer or boil after adding the curry cubes?

Nix RdD says:

Hi there! I wanna try this dish. Can you suggest any curry mix that I can use just in case I don’t find a japanese curry roux (not sure how to spell it) here in San Diego? Thanks! 🙂

Hmoobgai says:

Great vid…when I make it I use beef or chicken stock (low sodium) instead of water

Maureen Perez says:

I suggest bento box.

MeanSabine says:

I actually made this tonight for my entire family, I used S&B brand curry roux, onions, pork, carrots and potatoes :3 Needless to say everyone loves it and we still have some leftover! (S&B boxes make a lot of curry lol) Thanks for the dinner idea, it was a hit. Also–my brother Chase was laughing and I said what? And he was like, you made Anime food!

cds327131 says:

I just bought a box today, but Im not quite sure about the concentration as Im eating alone and there’s only intruction for 12pax which is the whole box. shoud I just use 1 cube and 1/12 of the amount of water stated to cook? btw, I dont really like to eat onions, do you know any altanative ingredients? Thank you!

0000000Lara says:

lame… im sure the person who requested this wasn’t expecting you to make it from a box… Lame, really lame!!

Rachel Yee says:

Yummy, I usually stop adding stuff before the curry roux and serve it as ‘ABC soup’ to my family. Ever try to eat the soup with rice? I really recommend it.

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