How to make Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake Recipe – 日式芝士蛋糕

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Hey everyone, I have to apologize that the top of the cake came up wrinkly, not pretty at all. However, i did this cake multiple times and it came out fine. My guess is that the temperature today was realllly cold (thats why i was wearing 2 layers) and there was a too big of a temperature contrast, therefore the top of the cake wrinkled. Hope you guys don’t mind, I put a lot of work into this video. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, and thank you for continue in supporting me!

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This cake needs to be baked in a 300F /150C oven!!

228g cream cheese (room temp)
200ml milk
60g butter
6 eggs separated
140g sugar
60g flour
20g corn starch

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake- Minimize Shrinkage

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Christine Driver says:

Great Recipe. My cake turned out awesome.

Miko 吴 says:

crap lot

New Kitchen Life says:

interesting cheesecake recipe, thank you for posting this recipe video


What kind of flour is it? Self raise or all purpose flour?

kicapmanis69 says:

hi there…may i know how do you make the top part become brown? i made the cake and it was perfect except the top part wasn’t that brownish. could you help me with it? thank you for your time 😀

Wanda Chambers says:

It looks fine. I am going make this today.

Rosangela McHone says:

I’m impressed you whisked those egg whites by hand!!!

Emily Liang says:

Did you use hot water?

Nada Ahmad says:

تحتاج هذه الكعكة إلى أن يخبز في فرن 300F / 150C !!

جبن كريم 228g (درجة حرارة الغرفة)
200 مل) الحليب
الزبدة 60G
6 بيضات فصل
140G السكر
60g والدقيق
20G نشا الذرة

jian shi says:


Raheela Saeed says:


Keni Vrataric says:

Next time you don’t have cake flour just sift in a Tbl spoon of cream of tartar into your flour

Wanda Chambers says:

OMG! You are hilarious.

Tegan Yelton says:

I personally would cook it a little less, im weird I like cheesecakes to be lighter on top and not so browned. I love making Cheesecake though and I MUST try this recipe it looks amazing!!!

Carlos Erazo says:

i love how awkward she is LOL

julia julia says:

I truly enjoyed watching you video. Thank you for taking your time.
Sending Love 🙂

neda adbo says:

really you are so cute
I just to ask you i made Japanese cake yesterday but it never success with me maybe because the white eggs did not be like creamy and maybe i put into payrex
and you told that the white egg must be in a warm temperature
I just to make sure
thank you

Leo Gan says:

can someone please tell me what the difference in taste and texture this cake has from a normal cheesecake? thanks.

Kristy Walter says:

This video is hilarious.

HomegrownTyrone says:

I just made this today. It was so good! Thanks for the recipe! Mine wasn’t as jiggly as yours though I’m guessing it’s because I whipped my egg whites to stiff peaks intead of soft.

kat richards says:

this is a super video. you are funny and I like your sense of humor. keep up the good work. keep it real!!

Vu tran Nhu ngoc says:

Can I replace milk with whipping cream ?

Durreh Tabassum says:

The video is too long

NiceTubeAccount says:


Raheela Saeed says:

The receipe is awesome

Marie Ange says:

Hello Mi, is the flour a plain one or selfraising one? Thank you!

Angel Thio says:

hiii,i just saw your video and i really wanna ask you something . when everything ready to bake,are we really need to bake it with au bain marie (water bath) technique? or we can just bake it without using water bath technique?
if anyone know the answer please tell me :3 i’m just want to know because everytime i want to bake with water bath technique,the water always seeps out,i already change the pan,pour the water just 2/3 of the height of the second pan but it always like that .
**sorry if my english is bad,because there’s some words that i translate using google translate if i dont know the right sentence (< like this one #lol) .

Miss GIJoe says:

Lovely texture but tastes like egg cake not cheesecake

مستر كلك بيت says:

good jop girl

Mina Palencia says:

That egg blunder just cracked me up. Hahaha. Thank you for this recipe, it’s great. I’m making it now. 🙂

Darcy Kahler says:

I would have liked to see how you serve the cake. Do you use any kind of fruit or sauce to go with the cake? Like chocolate or raspberry sauce?

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