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In this video, I will show you how to prepare Japanese breakfast and what kind of dishes you can keep in stock in the fridge.

I will show you the EASIEST examples so that you can make it every day.

A typical Japanese breakfast consists of white rice (主食 Shushoku: staple food in Japan), soup (汁物 Shirumono: usually the Miso soup), 1 main dish (主菜 Shusai: usually Yakizakana the grilled fish), 1 or 2 side dishes (副菜 Fukusai: usually vegetable dishes) and pickled vegetables if you like.


((主食 Shushoku: White Rice))
How to Cook Rice in a Pot
How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

((汁物 Shirumono: Soup))
Soup Recipe Ideas スープ レシピ

((主菜 Shusai: Main Dish))
((副菜 Fukusai: Side Dish))
There is no rule to say this is Main or Side. Usually the main dish contains meat or fish, side dish contains vegetables, but if you serve in a small portion, it will become a side dish. So I have the main and the side dishes in the same playlist.

FYI: When you keep some side dishes in stock in the fridge, we call those 常備菜 (Jyoubisai).


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Caleria Sand says:

Are the side dishes shown from another video?

Aruhiro says:

Can Someone help me?
I really want to buy the japanese rice, but I can only find sushi rice.
Im not aware to differences and im not able to find a specific sort I could buy :<

Paolo Samaniego says:

I remember when i was in high school, i went to Japan for a foster program. My “foster mom” made this kind of breakfast for me and it was SO my usual milk and cereal combo that’s for sure.

Danielle Spargo says:

Mmmmm, yummy. This is my normal breakfast too 🙂

Victoria Vidaud says:

By the way, what are some things you can do with Umeboshi? I love it with rice as a pick me up in the morning, but what are some other things it tastes good with? Thank you~!

PrincessMary Gatchalian says:

Do you have recipe for Kaarage? That one is my 3rd sister’s favorite! I would like to make for her instead of always ordering special from a specific Japanese restaurant that makes it in Hayward, CA, USA. Like that is the only thing she will order because it is her absolute favorite.

Amber Greer says:

the food looks really good! Love Japanese food!

Marisa says:

cappuccino and brioches in italy of course! but we drink all type of milk with coffee (espresso) and we also have some biscotti or bread or cereal in it.
But your breakfast is interesting! why nothing sweet?

nn te interessa porra says:

Seu canal está com todos nós um dia ele alcançará os maiores.

mikah ong says:

I love your videos. I wonder if any of your kids will inherit your culinary talent

Kelly M Taylor says:

I am missing Japan just watching your videos.

SweetRukia says:

Think you Very Much

Jason Leer says:


ochikeron says:

If you wonder why I am uploading this video again, please read this.

Do you have table setting rules in your country? 一汁三菜 (ichijyusansai) is a basic arrangement of a Japanese meal, consisting of one kind of soup and three side dishes plus pickled vegetables if you like. There are many more different rules but this basic rule is on our text book at schools and we learn while having a compulsory education. This is why some people can’t ignore this mistake and suggested me to be careful.

Of course, many people don’t follow this at home. We arrange the dishes in the way we like.

What happened is, when I edited this video, I was just thinking of sharing what we eat at home as a breakfast. I didn’t pay attention to the table setting so I didn’t search well and followed one of many wrong images online… I thought I need to take down my video not to be one of them… you know…

I changed the part I explained the dishes with an image with texts. Other examples are not changed because again, there is no rule at home unless you care about it. I know now you care. SO DO I! LOL

Aundrea Williams says:

I’ve always wondered what a complete japanese breakfast consisted of. I’m fascinated my Japanese food, especially since watching anime. I love her accent, it’s so cute

Sakura Haruno says:

Japanese don’t throw away foods .that’s really good!

toshinokyokokoko says:

Can u store the miso soup in the fridge and for how long?

Lotta Larsson says:

This was great. I love japanese breakfast. Arigato.

Carmen B. says:

In the Netherlands we usually eat bread with coffee or tea for breakfast and lunch! Sometimes we eat a warm dish as lunch. But mainly we eat a warm dish around 6 pm. Almost none of us eats a heavy meal as breakfast. But it could be interesting to try.

Saw QiQi says:


Ballora Wan says:

I want to go to Japan even more now!!!
Btw, ur child is growing up soooo fast

Albdruck says:

I’m really trying to change the way I deal with food: Spending more time and effort in choosing/preparing food until it becomes second nature is one of my goals. All these dishes look super delicious and this video is really inspiring to try and make some delicious food of my own!!

back Ridge says:


Sharon Tsang says:

I love your recipe!! can you do more recipe like these or even recreate the recipe from Ootoya?:p ありがとうございます☺️

Hema Rao says:

Ochikeron plz vegan krookd

ChusOne Chusone says:

Love this

ms hmeecill says:

Waaah, if I was making this every day, i’d feel like a wealthy person. So many different dishes at once. <3 My usual is just something I can take with me on the way to work. T__T

Marriam Rana says:

Thank you so much for sharing plz do more vids on Japnese traditional cooking.Eagerly waiting for Japnese recipes……. Love from Pakistan

Faye Sapphire says:

Now I’m curious how many of these cute plates can be cleaned by a dishwasher D:

Alessandro Valleri says:

It’s crazy how breakfast change for each country, nice video

Aisu Roma says:


Shannon Sunshine says:

Do you warm it up in the microwave, stove, or oven?

I really love exo Exo L says:

This is not like my mom cook miso soup

Vee says:

So relaxing to watch your videos before I head to work 🙂

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