How to Make Japanese Breakfast (Recipe Ideas) 日本の朝食レシピアイディア – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

In this video, I will show you how to prepare Japanese breakfast and what kind of dishes you can keep in stock in the fridge.

I will show you the EASIEST ways so that you can make it every day.

A typical Japanese breakfast consists of white rice (主食 Shushoku: staple food in Japan), soup (汁物 Shirumono: usually the Miso soup), 1 main dish (主菜 Shusai: usually Yakizakana the grilled fish), 1 to 3 side dishes (副菜 Fukusai: usually vegetable dishes).


((主食 Shushoku: White Rice))
How to Cook Rice in a Pot
How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

((汁物 Shirumono: Soup))
Soup Recipe Ideas スープ レシピ

((主菜 Shusai: Main Dish))
((副菜 Fukusai: Side Dish))
There is no rule to say this is Main or Side. Usually the main dish contains meat or fish, side dish contains vegetables, but if you serve in a small portion, it will become a side dish. So I have the main and the side dishes in the same playlist.

FYI: When you keep some side dishes in stock in the fridge, we call those 常備菜 (Jyoubisai).


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Robin Ha says:

A gasped a little bit when your baby touched the rice pot.. I hope your little one’s hand is okay…

ForestofTooMuchFood says:

Nori makes me burp

Jon Cruz says:

I love this video! As a single person, this is perfect for quick every day 3 meals! I love how minimalistic your table setting is!

Cristine Chiam says:

Ochi, I went to Japan last year in late Nov/Dec & found that mostly japanese had their 3 meals almost the same :p In Singapore, we usually had our breakfast like breads with eggs, cakes, cereals with milk, local kuehs plus tea/coffee. Lunch will be rice or porridge with side dishes 🙂

Laura Klinglesmith says:

American breakfast is so different from Japanese. Ours are so sugar laden and are pretty much instant cereals and milk or pastries and coffee. I love seeing how other countries eat so healthy! It gives me tons of healthier ideas.

Hema Rao says:

Ok rose thank you

SI Foote says:

This makes me so hungry. Breakfast for dinner time.

Sarah Intidam says:

Your daughter is so cute. She’s like GIMMEE FOOD

Mariana Gazinhato says:

This reminded my of my breakfast on my flight to Japan. I had rice, salmon and tamagoyaki. Japan Airlines food is soooo good! I miss Japan so much

Tara Munikar says:

Awesome! Do you have a recipe for the okara salad? I have a bunch left over from making soy milk that I don’t want to waste! As always, wonderful video!

Terry Elisabeth says:

I love traditional Japanese breakfast! Filipinos also eat fish and rice for breakfast along with fried eggs. ❤❤❤❤❤

Pat says:


Sara Schultz says:

I think I would be happiest if I could eat a meal like this for all 3 meals of the day!! And probably healthiest, too. Fish, rice, and soup is just delicious all times of the day and I hate that savory meals like this aren’t well recognized as breakfast in the US!

Hajar B. says:

I love your video ! Thank you so much !! 😀

Jordan Mathurin says:

I always smile when I see that you’ve posted a video!! Love your channel!! I’m definitely going to try this out!!

Victoria Vidaud says:

I love videos like this, that show possible menus instead of just “make this with this”. It would be great to see more of these, so you can have a build your own menu kind of thing with your recipes 🙂

El HM Loh says:

I could not really eat rice in the morning ans I find most of the dishes are too dry. For breakfast, I prefer more hot soupy food such as noodle soup, porridge etc.

SmilinSweetpea says:

I hadn’t considered making things like the miso soup and tamagoyaki ahead of time and had made Japanese style breakfasts on my days off when I had more time. Thanks for the tip!

Yi Jern says:

My typical breakfast is only bread and butter along with a cup of Milo. 🙂

Taís B.G. says:

Here in Brazil, that would be considered lunch or dinner! In breakfest we often take milk, coffee , bread, cake and cookies… Stuff like that, you know?

But it does look delicious, as always!! Thanks for the vídeos!

Sakura Haruno says:

At what hour do you wake up to prepare the breakfast?

T. Begay says:

It all looks so yummy!

pearl0531 says:

Omg~ I’ve been wanting to find videos on this! I’ve seen it in games and I’ve always wanted to try a real one haha

poephila says:

I love Japanese breakfast!! Thank you for the ideas 🙂 xx

IceQueen975 says:

Oh my goodness, she’s learning how to wrap up your videos! She’s so clever~!

Sarina Brennan says:

This looks so good! Could you try doing a vegan option too please? 🙂 I’d really like to get my kids to try different options.

jaom181 says:


Sheila McDaniel says:

Thank you for vlogging.. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

TieMii says:

Omg! I loved this idea! I always wanted to know how is japanese diet.. breakfasts, lunch…

Junwen Zheng says:

nice video to show us how to make breakfast and btw your daughter is cute

Lauren G says:

Thank you so much for posting this video. I enjoyed I will be going to the Japanese grocery this weekend for supplies!!

HoshiBerry says:

I like how your daughter already remembers all the terms and when to say them troughout the video (I especially like her “yas” at the beginning when you say “I hope you can try it out”) ^^
I want miso soup now lol

Vaish says:

It’s so cute that your daughter does the outro with you!! Please continue to show us how to make delicious recipes!

Fynitie says:

Your Daughter is so cute!!! Been watching your videos since long ago, way before your Daughter was born. And omg yes that looks so nice <3

Serai3 says:

How interesting, it all looks so yummy! Question: are there any dishes which are thought of as especially being “breakfast dishes”, which one usually doesn’t eat at other meals?

Lovie Is Kawaii says:

In China we eat similar,but we don’t drink miso soup.or actually any kind of soup

Arielle Session says:

It look Delicious

ゆき ゆき says:

Awww your baby is so cute (o^∀^o)

京奈 says:

長々と失礼しました。m(*_ _)m

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