How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

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Brandon Koi says:

OMG!!!! I made tamagoyaki by myself and I am 10!!!!!


And i am not from japan

Mikey Carmine says:

I have a serious crush on this woman.

Adam Warlock says:

She’s beautiful

Ray A. says:

What a lovely woman. She seems so warm and welcoming.

Najib MD says:

Yo Rie!!……my fav Japanese dish is yakitori….woohoo!…. love it !!

antisocialpill says:

I love Rei so much ❤️
Thank you for all the work you’ve done to us ^o^ can’t wait till i try making them!~

*** ItzOmo *** says:

I got many Yandere Chan vibes from this video.

lemguin says:

my favorite Japanese dishes are tempura, miso, chicken kurage and sushi (especially salmon and tamago). I also like most rice dishes like Onigiri, Kiritanpo, plain sticky rice with furikake.

Mustakrakish says:

I want thi try okonomiyaki so bad. I think I first saw it on Babish, but this one looks amazing. I can’t wait to make Hiroshima style.

Aj Yee says:


Jade Ann says:

You can just placed the tofu on the cutting board and slice it instead of using your palm :3

Shye Natalia says:

Rie, I freaking love you. I only lived in Japan for three months, but I fell in love with the food. And I’m sad that I took for granted all the amazing food my host-mother made and never learned how to make any of it…these videos are teaching me to much!! When I go back to visit I’ll impress her!

Ahmadi Tanjung says:

I love ur smile, babe


Hello from nagoya! HAHA

Mikes Grillin says:

I am looking forward to making some of this….yummy

King Khan says:

We need more Rie!!!!!

Helen Zhong says:

4:49 she has a husband?!?!
OMG I never knew!!!!
I’m learning so much this year!

Keshiah Rances says:

Always follow your dream!!!⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧❤❤❤❤

Kior. says:

**im allergirc to fish ;(**

Arthas Choi says:


I like Food says:


Ride with the mob says:

rie should start her own channel

Matty Mo says:

Rie is my favorite Japanese dish js

Lz__ says:

I love Rie she’s so cute and precious!

Michelle Molyneaux says:


Gain says:

*WEEBS- has joined the server*

deg3363 says:

Rie is so awesome she makes Tasty Channel shine

Mariangela Garcia says:

Why isn’t rie a chef????

ChrysOtaku says:

I’ve been meaning to make Japanese food at home because I love it. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorials!

Livirose says:

Ok i made the morning omelete and it was delicious i am in love with Japanese food its like an amazing thing in the whole world i wish i could try the mochi and the sushi

ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ᴄᴏʟᴀ says:

Rie broke my uwu machine-

Lorenzo Ong says:

My favorite japanese dish is takoyaki can you do a tasty video on that please?

RainbowRorschach says:

I dont like this

KpopKnitter says:

I studied abroad in Osaka and the okonomiyaki was amazing!! I really want to try the Hiroshima version though; the noodles on the bottom are so unique!

angel cano says:

you can make that for breakfast? I eat an apple and that’s all I have time for

Varnia De Cunha says:

I Love Salmon terriyaki

deebereczky86 says:

I love Japanese food because it’s full of flavour and wholesome so it I was Rie eating American greasy food I too would miss Japanese food. I go mental when I cant have Japanese. I wish there was a place that did the savoury pancake because I have yet to try it :). Japanese food is special because when you get food from Japan it’s full of body and soul and care and thought. Loved this video 🙂 I’d love to make bento boxes for lunch.

Gaven Knapp says:

I just got done eating…was so fully…now im hungry again..

La_Flores Morado says:

I bought a tamagokayi pan FOR THIS

Justin Diaz says:

I Love this video. I need to make okonomiyaki at home now.


I like ramen because ramen is so good

doormat xddd says:

rie is so wholesome and sweet

Sanjog Wayne says:

What is mirin?

sad kid says:

adopt me rie

Abi Brown says:

You a great cook and I loved watching this video

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