How To Make Gyoza (Japanese Potstickers) (Recipe)  餃子の作り方 (レシピ)

Juicy on the inside, crispy and golden brown on the outside, these Japanese pan-fried dumplings, Gyoza, are popular weeknight meal as well as a great appetizer for your next dinner party.


Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 60 mins (inc. marinating time)
Serves: 52 pieces


1 pkg gyoza wrappers (1 pkg = 52 sheets) (See Notes for homemade recipe)
1 Tbsp neutral flavor oil (vegetable, canola, etc) (for frying each batch of gyoza)
¼ cup water (for frying each batch of gyoza)
1 tsp sesame oil (for frying each batch of gyoza)


¾ lb ground pork (¾ lb = 340 g)
2-3 leaves cabbage (2-3 leaves = 140 g or 5 oz)
2 green onion/scallion (2 green onion = 15 g or 0.5 oz)
2 shiitake mushrooms
1 clove garlic (minced)
1 inch ginger (1″ = 2.5 cm) (fresh, grated)


1 tsp sake
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp soy sauce
¼ tsp Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Dipping Sauce:

1 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 Tbsp soy sauce
⅛ tsp la-yu (Japanese chili oil) (optional)

Instructions with step-by-step pics ▶

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michael Ryan says:

ikatakimas!!!…so cute


is possible readymade gyoza wrapper easily find in Indian market or other country plz help me

JT McAwesome-Face says:

mmm yass and I love these with sudachi sauce

Lynette Jacquet says:

Every since I tasted potstickers I’ve been wondering how to make them now I’m So thankful for you I can try it at home

Jeff Vader says:

love the video, especially the “itadakimasu” at the end. Can you please please do a mapo dofu video???

aashim bhasin says:

I don’t know but shouldn’t there be a bit more of soy sauce,oil and sake? I’m not being a critique here, just curious about the flavour. Thanks!

East Meets Kitchen says:

These look really delicious and easy to make!! Great video 🙂

canberk Aydın says:

my gf said Gyoza was dumplings. I didn’t believe her so I watched this video. but hey. she’s Chinese don’t trust China poop poop poop ===>

Nelly Gurl says:

Can I leave out the sake or can I replace it

Jayne Rice says:

Yum!!! Thanks!

Billie Du says:

Omg this is such a help video! Thank u

Jack Burrows says:

Store bought wraps!? Might as well just get take out from Panda Express.

Hooson Liao says:

Love this one so much !!!!

TabiEats says:


Tom Liburdi says:

I really like your presentation, your filming and the descriptions you do. I like to cook along with your inspirational videos!

SEW ALDO says:

I like this recipe since doesn’t include shrimp.

Vaishali Risha 5555 says:

We called it momos in india

Patagon says:


kammerdorn says:

I love Your blog and Your videos and every time I try some of the recipes cooking is so much fun! You are a really good teacher. Especially how to wrap up filled dough stuff is shown perfectly!

Paula Whalen says:


hestri nra says:

this is awesome (y)

Kat says:

when it comes out of the freezer, do i need to defrost it before frying or can it go straight into the pan? ^^

Jotaro Kujo says:

Wow..that was surprisingly easier than i thought 0_0 thank you

P.S it was delicious

Judith Thomas says:

I can’t wait to try these!

김인희 says:


JC Haywire says:

Makoto ni arigatou gozaimasu. Seriously. Your presentation is so full of warmth and love–essential ingredients in all WASHOKU. I watched several lesser videos before landing here. This is the best of the best. Thank you so much. You took me back to my life in Japan and my years after. Soro soro.

Obito Uchiha says:

I strongly dislike garlic and onion, is it ok to leave them out?

Prasad Naik says:

Hi. Love your videos but the color correction needs some work. There is a strong green tint to the video that made the pale white gyoza look green.

김인희 says:


John Superh says:

are wonton wrapper same as gyoza?

Aden says:

бля норм

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