How I Make My Favorite Japanese Recipes

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Caroline Valoy says:

I love tasty videos but for some reason I always look for Rie’s recipes…. Ily♥️

we never forget says:

that last cake looks so good

Cauê Barros says:

We love your accent and i belive many of us feel the same way about our accents

CN M says:

I love Rie! She’s my favorite producer!

Tsai Nicole says:

Literally japan’s pride. ❤️

Michael Aybar says:

Rie is the bestttt

Brian Le says:

this is the only branch of buzzfeed i would actually watch

jammieecx says:

You’re my favorite person on this channel and I can’t wait to try japanese food!!

TED -dy says:

Isnt it considered poisonous to cook food in plastic wrap

Leanne Zhang says:

Omg I wish I could eat them

olivia baron says:

I love Rie and Alex xx

Resplendence says:

I stan Rie

Charlie H says:

Aww, Rie! Your speech at the end made me tearful.

TheGamingScarecrow says:

I love mr donut

Justine Santos says:

Rie is precious and must be protected at all costs. We love our mom

Johnathan Mangall says:

Tag me on the instagram

Persephone’s Thoughts says:

You are my favorite person at Tasty!

LoLAwesomechad says:

I like how you guys constantly recycle the same videos over and over. Pretty sad and pathetic.

Dragonubis says:

Rie is my favorite!

aquamarine says:

iv made udon multapule times it’s tasty

Leanne Zhang says:

Rie is best

Violet DLT says:

english isnt my first language so i understand.

Hayley Flaherty says:

She is such a doll.

Stan me Bishes says:

I’m so in love with Rie omg

YoBoZ Gaming says:

I love these vids

cindynickol says:

We love you Rie! ❤️

Aiden Young says:

The Omurice looks delicious! Though it is not safe to use plastic warp to cook food whether it be boiling or microwaving because due to high temperature, it has the potential to leach toxic chemicals such as PVC which can disrupt the endocrine system and cause breast cancer. Don’t forsake your health for convenience. Make sure to do your own research through reputable sources about cooking with different types of plastics.

Tamara Milovanović says:

Oh god i lovee her

Krazy K says:

I’m taking japanese for enrichment at my middle school.

Ella Harrison says:

Rie you are definitely one of my fave tasty producers! I need to try the noodles!!

I didn't sign up for this B says:


YoBoZ Gaming says:


CatsInTheBelfry says:

Rie is the best <3

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