How Beautiful Japanese Desserts Are Made

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Norie Uematsu
Tomoko Yagi


Alexis says:

I just love the Japanese language so much

Rahmani Dewi says:

Sooo beautiful!!!

clynomaniac says:

i love the passion they have for their work. it truly transports me, and it never fails to inspire me.


9:45 Please do not touch hair.

procrastination queen says:

oh cool! i’ve been there a few times. be prepared for a long wait if it get’s late

Juen says:

Living in Japan, wagashi is one of my highlights! There’s a fancy shop near me and I’ve never been inside. However, I have had some of their wagashi at work when people bring them in. Wagashi is truly art and absolutely delicious!!

両角淳 says:

I wonder if foreigners understand the taste of Japanese sweets.
I wonder if they will understand Raw, Dried, Half-Raw.
I think that everyone would simply call it Jpanese confectionery or Japanese sweets.
In a foreign country,I think that the meaning of seasonal sweets does not match exactly as craftsmen think.
Moreover, even if it says that it is a sweets, is it really feeling sweet?
Because the sweetness of Japanese sweets is based on the sweetness of ripe persimmon from dried persimmons, people who are used to sweetness of sugar and honey do not feel sweet
They use premium sugar called Wakamitsu, so you are not sweet in your mouth long time

Jason Fan Club says:


syazwani zalil says:

kinda distracting in the beginning of video as it start with same background sound from bts lol. anyways the video is so nice and pleasing to watch

Fila tova says:

I guess to cook this stuff I need Japanese food products too, half of which can’t be found in local stores

Angela Chen says:

Does anyone know the piano piece beginning at 1:51

sarina k says:

pls someone tell me the piano at 0:29 !!! It’s like the third time I’ve heard it but never found out from whom it is … It’s really beautiful

Liz Fernandez says:

Just… Wow. Wow wow wow!!!!!!

dnguyen253 says:

Why does this remind me of Great Big Story?

Cherry Fizz says:

This is the longest tasty video I have ever seen

Pie Senpai says:

Take meeeee

Lil bean says:

This was such a beautiful video to watch

10 piece mcnuggets says:

that black sesame creme brulee sounds amaaaaazing

ChocolaSue says:

Video is made beautifully ❤


SO Beautiful Ladies.

super nova says:


조여름 CHOSUMMER says:

what’s the classic music at 0:28 ?

Kylie Jones says:

this is so beautiful. i want to eat them right now

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