Hot Cake Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Hot Cakes, Japanese pancakes that are thicker and sweeter than their American counterpart.  
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Mori .Kurogawa says:

How  can something so simple taste so goooooood? 🙂 Love these!

リーグ ドラえもん 日本 Doraemon league japan says:

it can make without eggs

Lilith Nox says:

I tried the recipe! They are so so gooood!

Reem Muzahem says:

They look so perfect.

Nick Minkin says:

these are pancakes, just like American ones, except no buttermilk

PointlessLifeHacks101 says:

How to get top comment in any cooking video. WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE?!???!!

Tom Liburdi says:

I love your instructive videos. Very easy to follow!!

Yusuke Minazuki says:

Goro Akechi

NoelHighBird says:

Hi, thanks for the recipe. Is it needed to use cake flour or can it be replaced with all purpose flour?if not is there any cake flour in special? thanks have a nice day/night.

Dirci Teixeira says:

These are very much like American pancakes which are thick also.

Kayai Barrie says:

They look so good

JR Lenard says:

You aren’t playing fair putting this up just after I had lunch lol

Jodi Leben says:

The only difference between this and American hot cakes/pancakes is that instead of milk, we use buttermilk. American pancakes are just as fluffy and are also sweet.

bananashaveice says:

They look soooo yummy! We may be having breakfast for dinner tonight! TFS!

BAM BAM Z. says:

Mepuru shirappu!!!

Fee A. says:

What can I use instead of cake flour ?
Awesome videos btw :))

Arlene Tablet says:

AKA pancakes.

Michele miezulnopții says:

cant wait to try these

Fat Frog says:

Who dislikes these kind of videos? Everyone loves pancakes 😀

Toshizu Hijikata says:

is it okay if i used any flour other than cake flour ?

ChillinlikeKrillin says:

Thank you for the helpful video!

azns4lif3 says:

Yes!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long!! Thank you!!!

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