(HD) RECIPE: Japanese Soft Boiled Egg 溏心蛋

(HD) RECIPE: Japanese Soft Boiled Egg 溏心蛋


40g Bonito & Kelp Sauce ( 3x concentrated soup stock )
60g Water ( for marinate )


1) Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil in a medium saucepan over high heat.

2) Carefully lower eggs into water with a wire mesh spider or slotted spoon.

3) Set the timer and cook for exactly 6 minutes.

4) Prepare an ice water bath.

5) After the timer goes off, remove eggs with a spoon and immediately transfer them into the ice water bath. Leave the eggs in the ice water bath for at least 5 minutes. ( I would say 5 – 10 minutes )

6) Pour 40g of Bonito and Kelp Sauce in a tupperware / ziploc. Add 60g of water to it.

7) When the eggs are cool to touch ( 5-10 mins ), peel them. You could peel the eggs under cold running water as the whites will be quite delicate.

8) Put the eggs in the marinate sauce. Cover with a lid.

9) Keep refrigerated overnight. ( preferably 24 hours )

** Serve with a bowl of ramen / Japanese Beef Rice Bowl / Salad.
** The longer you keep the eggs in the marinate, the better the taste. These will keep for up to 4 days in the fridge =)

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Jaswinder Singh says:

so sweet

Annie Y Tran says:

is that 160gr of water or 60gr of water. In your video it was 160 and in your description below it was 60gr so I am a little bit confused . Thanks 🙂

MyManDan says:

Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but are those duck eggs?

Patricia says:

Can i do without the marinade? I dont think we got those here

H F says:

it’s marinade, not marinate. it’s been marinated in marinade lol

Cori Tacea says:

Can I ask you why the color of the yolk is dark orange? Does that mean the eggs are better? Or the chicken is more healthy? Cant wait to try this!

Magnus M says:

How to break an egg with perfect peeling is a problem

pinkpastelhearts says:

this looks delicious, love soft boiled eggs <3

LilacSora says:

Those look DELICIOUS ._.

Max Kredo says:

Hey thx, i’ve done make it.
The soft-soft thing was fun and the melted egg make me droll xD

George Washington says:

how do your eggs stay soft?
when i am boiling an egg for 6 min it becomes a hard boiled egg.
Maby japaneese eggs heve a more thick shell.??
PLS explaine THX!

MaoMao TV says:

Looking delicious!!

Vella Moria says:

soft boiled eggs r my fav!

T-K- says:

I always eat this when I am hungry… lol Soft Boiled Egg over Hot steamy rice + Soy Sauce, mix them all together and eat! 🙂

Melyana Halim says:

someone is using your vid

Medow Slayer says:

Wow i tried it and it was amazing!!!

Deshi kitchen sudha Recipe says:

very nice recipe i like it

Sun Sun Tung says:

Thank you very much! I will try to make.

Popping_ Boba says:

I really want to eat those now

Stacey Thuemmler says:


Raj Patel says:

I don’t speak ching chong, can someone please translate this my friend:)

Megan Dix says:

looks so good, I love being adventurous

Jess Wirlfir says:

will definitely try this!!! so excited

Leeann Albritton says:


Zayah V says:

Am I the only one that felt like he was gently spreading the labia?

MidnightGamingChannel says:

can you make a guide on how to make ice slush

Jason Zheng says:

so satisfying, the spoon fit the egg perfectly

Cassandra Nancy Lea says:

COLD soft-boiled eggs? Don’t think so.

Alicia Martinez says:

Great video!

E.N.G Creation says:


MangaOtakuAnime says:

my egg cracks once it gets too hot 🙁

SIG442 says:

Got another recipe for you which is from the Netherlands. It is a easy to make snack for birthday parties and friends/family coming over for example. This simple dish is best made just before your visitors coming over to keep everything fresh.

– Prepare hard boiled eggs as you usually would do, the core of the egg needs to be completely solid. How many you will need is up to how many visitors you will be having over. 1 egg per visitor should be good, although if proven that they loved it you may want to make a few extra. Just in case.

– Cool down the eggs enough so that they won’t cause problems with pealing them.

– Place the eggs in a bowl or something and let them cool down enough. They should be cold on the outside to the touch, so about 1-2 hours should be more then enough time.

– Cut the eggs in 2 parts, the same way as you did in your video

– Now peal out the egg core with a teaspoon and place it in a bowl, you will need this for the filling later. Keep the white outside of the egg separate, this will be the eatable cup so to speak.

Filling part
– You will need to make some mashed potato’s that is completely smooth, no hard lumps or big bits left in it. You can make it easier on yourself by adding mayonnaise that you will need for the recipe as well, don’t need to be careful either. the Mayonnaise is needed to make it a nice paste. You can also use a electric mixer or something similar to make it easier as well.

– Once that is done, place the yellow cores of the eggs inside the same bowl and make it an even mix.

– Add a little bit of salt for added flavor

– Each egg you are using needs 1 teaspoon with French mustard in the mix, also add some ketchup in for extra flavor. Make sure your filling mix is completely smooth before you take the next step

Finishing up
– Take the filling and fill up the white outer parts of the eggs. The filling should not come over the edges.

– Place the filled eggs on a wooden plate which is less likely to cause accidents with slippery eggs trying to get off your plate.

– As finishing touch, place a little bit of mayonnaise on top of the filled eggs. You can use this as opportunity to make some nice shapes for example on top of them.

– When done, place the eggs in the cooling just before your visitors are coming and you are done! Eetsmakelijk! (bon appétit, enjoy)

You can of course use some herbs or other things to get some variation in the end result, hope it will taste great for you!

No one says:

Hi, nice tutorial, I know how to make soft boiled eggs but never tried to marinate them, I want to ask some questions.
1. I saw some other tutorials use shaoxing wine, oyster sauce etc but you just use bonito and kelp sauce are the taste similar or totally different in both?
2. Will it be too salty if I eat it directly without ramen or rice?
3. Does the kelp sauce really need 3x concentrated one?

andrea mar says:

My favorite!

000 Samantha says:

what music is it?

Winona Daphne says:

looks delicious!!

Fadzli Azam says:

Are you from japan

Han Lin says:

dam im gonaa make boiled eggs now looks sexy

James Fajardo says:

That egg looks delicious asf

Emanuel says:

I remember eating this for breakfast as a kid all the time. It’s so good.

McZerotail says:

What if I skip the marinate part?

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