Hanami Dango Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Hanami Dango, a Japanese sweet Mochi dessert
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/hanami-dango-recipe/
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NATSU DR4GN33L says:

mine came out to sticky

Hiyori Uzumaki says:

Dango dango dango dango, dango dango dango daikazoku 😉

Lolobree says:

what if i add strawberry flavoring to the pink mochi

Ruby Roberts says:

I really want to try these! Yum!

faith rider says:

can you eat it cold, like the next day

tash8820 says:

I love dango!!

Peter Plessas says:

you are the greatest! keep up the great work! delicious!

Cloud Twirl says:

Whenever i was in Japan i had something that looked like this but it was more… gooey i guess to say… and i think it was kind of clear with what i think was a sort of powder sugar on it… I got it at a Family Mart… was that this or was it something else do you know??

*sigh* i miss Family Mart Bento so very very much…

Bacon Axolotl says:

why do you remind me of the dango song

Yves Schmidt says:

Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango
Dango dai-kazoku <3

VentusMetallo says:

how would you store it? would it still be good the next day?

Felicia Tjuatja says:

Please make Kare Pan!

zsaver says:

Damn, I need a wife to make this for me everyday

Ezio Da Firanze says:

can i replace the tofu with somthing else

lianaa crow says:

can i use normal rice flour or does it have to be sweet?

Pocchariii Chan says:

how long is it kept for?

OgreSlayer says:

“Dang Dango Dango Dang—-HEY WHOS SINGING THAT EMBARRASSING SONG IN MY HOUSE” (get the reference anyone?)

Itachi Uchiha says:

where I buy TOFU?!

Rowaida Fl says:

Hi, I don’t eat tofu what can I substitute kindly advise thank you xx

Yoshi Medina says:

This looks soo good and lovely!! I’m so excited to try these recipes! I know it may just seem like recipes but it means so much more to me. I’m part japanese and I’ve been distant with my culture and seeing all of these yummy recipes makes me feel more connnected!! Thank you♡♡

Keziah Gaviño says:

is there an alternative to tofu?

Fusion Food Blog Cooking Video says:

Hopefully we are going to see the cherry blossoms next year in Japan. 🙂

Skai Chann says:

Thanks so much for the recipe! I’ve always seen these at the Hanami spring festival and my mother never knew how to cook XD now I know 🙂

Lexi Gold says:

Cooked this recipe today ( I don’t live in Japan so I bought local ingredients close to those in the video) and I have to say I’m disappointed by the result. Gues it only works with specific materials.

Chovy says:

Will you do Sakura Mochi? I think that’s what it’s called.

ritika rajmohan says:

can i use normal rice flour

Isaki Tahashi says:

Thank you! I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile now.

Britnie Armstead says:

I’ve noticed when ever I make dango it’s does not come out in a smooth texture. I’ve tried using different tofu and different rice flour but it the dango ends up bumpy and hard to eat. Any suggestions?

Letters from Japan says:

They look incredible!

luticia says:

looks like a delicious traffic light

Milla Araujo says:

Beautiful! And looks yummy!

_merpitscassandra_ says:

Dango has to be my favourite ! ! ^_^ it’s very yummy and a nice treat … :3 I eat these mostly when the cherry blossoms bloom and sit under the trees with friends

Cath xx says:

please make okonomiyaki !!

These dangos looks delicious love your channel!

Manura εїз says:

A girl I know told me that she used a mix of regular rice flour and corn starch instead of sweet rice flour and it turned out pretty good and similar!
They don’t sell sweet rice flour in my country and I barely found the regular one.
Do you think my friend’s idea might work?

pomidor iii says:

Thanks for the recipe!<3

Ayo_68 says:

with the ingredients. is it possible if you could convert it to us measurements?

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