Hamburger Steak Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

Recipe here:
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You would love this Hamburger Steak whether you like Japanese food or not! This video will show you how to make Japanese Hamburger Steak with ground beef and pork.
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 ( We only use ingredients you can easily find!


Sheena Trinidad says:

ill try this one thanks for posting this 🙂 God bless

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Thanks for your comment! Let us know how it went.

ttwings says:

In reality, it doesn’t matter if you add an alcoholic drink to a recipe when cooking, because alcohol evaporates as you heat it up. Though different drinks can tolerate up to different levels depending on alcohol potency, so if you feel a little uncertain, you can just leave it for some extra time (as long as it doesn’t affect the taste in the end!) and enjoy. Have a nice day!

poison ivy says:

I don’t have sake or wine. can I change it with something else ?

SkyexSora says:

hi is there any alternative sauces for this? 

Tomás Cherres says:

Do you eat this with any side dishes? Rice? Sauteed vegetables?

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Sure! More sauce, the better 🙂

littletree77 says:

This reminds me of an American dish called “Salisbury Steak”

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Sure, you can skip sake here. It will still taste good.

40racquel says:

Hi again, ok, so never mind about my last question. After writing the whole recipe and steps I heard what the amounts were. However, is it ok to double the sauce so there is more sauce to add to the meat?
Thanks again♥

40racquel says:

Hi, thanks for your videos. I’m excited to try this one and the potato and meat fried one. In this video, you had said 1 part ketchup and 1 part Worcestershire Sauce. Is that like a cup of each?
Thanks again♥

reiya kojo says:

tabetai ne… thanx i’ll try this for our dinner ✌

mehmet rasim inceoglu says:

That looks great. Thank you for sharing this video…

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Thanks for your comment! Yes, please try it!

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Yes, it’s very similar indeed.

風活気 says:

this is the reason why i wanna marry a japanese 🙂 hehehe

ImYourVj says:

Just tried this for dinner tonight. It was wonderful. Fast and easy but with full flavor! Love it. Thank you so much

Betty Barrow says:

I Like i make befor very good my kids like

Chandrima Dutta says:

Tried it at home and it was delicious. Arigatou Goazaimasu!

Rhink McNeal says:

im going to use this as a meat pantie for a hamburger.

Rovicz House says:

What other sause you can make?

lilyvic balunto says:

very simple. I will try this one soon.

Nicole Ngwenya says:

that music at the start was from the game Japan Life


Awesome dish!

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