Easy Typical Japanese food recipe 納豆牛おろし煮

– Simmered Beef Oroshi with natto (Gyu oroshi ni) –

How many of you guys have ever tried natto? If so, did you like it first? In this video, I used natto. But you can totally skip it if you don’t like it.

Ingredients (serving 1 – 2)

: 100g thinly sliced beef or pork
: 1 tbsp sake
: 1 tbsp soy sauce
: 1 tsp ginger juice
: 3g minced garlic

: 300 – 500 g Daikon → grated
: Enoki mushroom
: Kaiware daikon

: 150 – 200ml dashi stock
: 1 tsp mirin
: 1 tsp soy sauce

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Today’s customer
Mira Laakso from Finland

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ann de vreeze says:

how does fermented soybeans taste because it looks delicious

Ariella Natanya Israel says:

Love your videos… Thanks… And my taste buds say thanks too. ;*)

khadbaatar tamir says:
Ellie Trotti says:

Natto looks really good ranny-san. what’s it fast like? 😀

Blue_Moon says:

Natto taste good! I love it very much!

jamesu lee says:


Aprion says:

Natto is one of those foods that at first glance are just plain scary. However, lots of people think eating raw egg is scary too. Which also is a ingredient in many japanese dishes. I tried that and got used to it after only a few times. So I am willing to give natto a try 🙂

091Hellokitty says:

Where can I find nato? I live in the US, specifically Arizona

Duke of Italy says:

What if you mixed the Natto with it just before

Nana Raef says:

What’s the difference between mirin and sake? I can’t find sake anywhere in NJ and every time I try to look for it online, I only find mirin!

Ariella Natanya Israel says:

Oh… And by the way, love the glasses and the hair. Lol

Jason Yu says:

im sure nato doesnt taste that bad, it just looks like a sack of spider eggs.

Mikkun says:

I tried natto for the first time awhile ago…. I really wanted to like it, but sadly I just couldn’t. ^^; I think I’ll try it again someday though, maybe it’s an acquired taste!

GoldPhoenix99 says:

I can’t really find any in my country (US).  I’ll have to double check the Asian grocer that I use to find my other Japanese ingredients (kombu, bonito, nori, Japanese mayo, etc).

I’d like to try it, just to see what the fuss is about.

Taka Shimojima says:

Omg fckkkk that natto… I never mix it before adding the seasonings… I’m going to do that now. Also, thanks Runny for teaching me a new word, “nattokinase”!

*sniff sniff* natto <3 smells so good... ii nioi 🙂

Spartan says:

I seriously love weird things man.

Everytime I hear Natto, Shiokara, or even cow offals and testicle, it always sound appetizing to me.

Anna Jankowska says:

I’ve never tried natto before, but just looking at it makes me want to eat it for some reason. It looks delicious.

Kristina R says:

I would try with no prob

Kei Lopez says:

I love natto but sometimes I just don’t like the smell 😛


Runny-san! Can you tell me the song name at 1:40? I can find your other songs but just not this one and it is one of my favourites from your videos.

TheÖrlogskapten says:

Looks very tasty! I’d surely like to try natto one time..

unknowndeoxys00 says:

Mmm natto… But I can’t eat it by itself xD

Genna Mae says:

I’ve had natto one time in my life and I loved it 🙂

Kristina R says:

I would eat NATO no joke

campachi84 says:

I love nato

Sabayi says:

Natto looks like beans and melted cheese.

DreamCs says:

natto looks interesting 😛

Darcey Mussey says:

I really like natto, the taste & the texture are very good in my opinion! I’m so happy I got to try it, but it is so hard to find in my state. I might have to start preparing my own! I enjoy trying foods that most other Americans find weird. I have tried durian & enjoyed it as well! Have you had durian, runny?

AnimeChan says:

I thought natto was a sweet treat for breakfast. I’d still like to try it even if it may stink

Sharon Yang says:

Is there a substitute for sake?

Duke of Italy says:

Your editing is amazing

Hikana Kurenai says:

Natto and okra are the only slimy foods i can eat. I actually had no interest in trying natto, I just lost a bet and it actually wasn’t bad at all! The slimy was hard to get use to at first but I love it now lol Plus it’s healthy

Evelyn Liang says:

honestly i think the natto looks really nice and i wanna try it…maybe cuz im asian it doesnt look so bad

marcus delacruz says:

The first time i reacted to natto is”dafreq is that”

Cassidy Hemker says:

I want to try nato but they don’t sell it were i live. 🙁

Sara Yeail says:

When I first tried natto, it reminded me of chung gook jang (it’s Korean version of natto in soup form, so to say).  Well, I was taken back by the texture of natto, but now I like the texture too!  LOL  Now, I LOVE natto so much I eat it everyday, and I make my own natto at home too.  I got the frozen natto from Korean market like H Mart (defrost it in refrigerator over night) and use the natto cultures from it.  It’s so easy to make if you have pressure cooker and yogurt maker.  😀

Kiraiko says:

I actually really wanna try natto :v The only place that sells japanese-style grocery in PR is too far away, and I’m not even sure if they have it, so ><

OtakuCosplay25 says:

I love Natto it’s the best I can eat it every night of the week, but I never use the mustard or sauce it comes with it. I just add a little Dijon mustard and some soy sauce and I’m good to go with some rice and green onions.

VivzStudioSs says:


Kenji Quiocho says:

I love natto. Although here in Oregon US it’s not as easy to get as it was living in Hawaii.

Aggo Minimal says:

Natto lover here!!! Thanks for this great recipe

mogiceo says:

I miss natto….i really got used to eating it when i lived in Japan. It reminded me of some of my favorite french cheeses

actual rilakkuma says:

natto looks good from a view, but the smell would more than likely put me off.

kristyn chan says:

Aigoo… I want natto so badly right now. But I can’t find any. Runny San, help me please?

Shinobi Wolf says:

Crazypplz is pretty cute.

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