Easy Japanese Pickled Vegetables (How to Recipe)

Using whole vegetables such as cabbage, onion and cucumber, we’re showing you how to make Japanese Pickled Vegetables called Tsukemono.

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HoneyedHylian says:

“carefully… carefully…”

ジェルりん says:

Thanks for sharing i love Japanese pickles i’ll try to make this.

George Jang says:

Thank you for the recipes. Do you allow the hot onion marinade and frozen onion to come to room temperature before combining them?

Gill Carrion says:

I love your videos dude your English is great keep up the great work my friend

Rhyannon Lallatin says:

“Oh… I like this cabbage” (Cabbage smells totally orgasmic….) LMAO!! :)) This is all great. Must try it today. Thank you so much!!

Elena Londonparis says:

cabbage is not ready, need more fermentation

Chris Sullivan says:

Thank you for the great recipes.
The food looks delicious.
I am anxious to try my luck.
Thank You.

LaLaLand says:

Are you the voice for Cooking with dog?

Ahila says:

Please include a list of ingredients before you begin explaining the recipe

Virginia Hoffman says:

I love this simple method. It’s always good to have some pickled vegetables​ around for a nice side dish. BTW how long do these pickled veggies keep?

MayFly Dublin says:

I love your videos! More pickling videos please! I love these recipes so simple and delicious. You two are so cute! More please!

Itsmo 96 says:

Yes, whore cabbage !

rahmat fadli says:

I don’t have kombu (seaweed) in my country so what I can use for substitute.

nailkitty says:

is there a link to these recipes in text so I could print them off to make at home?

Julie from the Jungles of Oomba Boomba says:

They look great! I look forward to making them and trying them all.Thank you.

Holly Hasegawa Nielson says:

These are awesome, I love that they are simple to make, and I too love Tsukemono, I think I could love all three of these, thank you for these awesome recipes with three of my favorite vegetables, I love this channel! love seeing you guys as always.

EJRhees says:

Thanks so much

Christoper Dwayne says:

he looks like Markipilier

jichan says:

cabbage marinade
sorry but i failed to catch the measures of the ingredients ( must be the combination of the great accent , and the fact that English is not my mother tongue )
can anyone tell me how many TBSP salt , sugar and vinegar ??

many thanks in advance

WaywardWerewolf says:

Can you please teach us to make japanese cabbage soup with pork belly slices between each cabbage leaves?

Ana Bleasdale says:


Paul Valentine says:


BigSirZebras says:

do you have to freeze the onion? I don’t have a freezer.

Lesia Persimmon says:


Flummox Ladida says:

I’m making some food changes in my diet and always need knew ways to prepare fresh veggies. Thank you!

Midnight Daemon says:

I love the sign behind him. “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” That is so true.

Karlanne Velasquez says:

Oishii sooo..:)

CJ.For.The.Music says:

Such joy in your face & voice as you present the finished pickles…I know the feeling; really excellent & easy recipe for pickling!

Nik emko says:

OH YUM! Thank you! I make Kimchi but I love the idea of having individual veggies to eat with my rice or whatever. Thanks!

Kiki Lang says:

Thank you so much. I’m going to do two of these today.

2degucitas says:

Cute accent. Great food. Subbed.

Svetlana Lvova says:

Great!!! Though my absolute favorite is pickled garlic. The cabbage would also have an interesting taste if pickled with apples or cranberries. Pickled carrots are great with meat.

Meanie Schmidt says:

To core lovely firm cabbage, you can safely use a pumpkin knife to cut it. The short blade of the pumpkin knife is easy to handle and cuts well. We use this knife on all firm vegetables specialy cutting just above the bulb end of the butternut squash. But have used it to safely core the cabbage when I lost my paring knife.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

When I watch TV in the evening I can eat an entire jar of pickles in one sitting! I also drink all of the vinegar liquid from the jar. I want to start making my own pickles again and the weather is just right to start. I am saving this video so I don’t forget anything. 🙂

twocupsoftee says:

I am SO grateful you did this demo- my daughter has been wanting to do Japanese pickles, thank you!

ralph salotto says:

Greta video. Thanks

Aquaria Austin says:

That’s it? American pickles are so labor and time intensive, but these are as simple as can be! I love pickled everything, so these go in the menu file, too!

Jenni Valentine says:

mmm vegetables n_n

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