Join me and Miranda while we make vegan miso soup, teriyaki tofu, sauted eggplant with sweet miso sauce & spinach tofu salad!
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Thanks for watching (and for reading the description box because no one ever does that so I love youuuu)!!! 🙂

Sharla xx


Kim Duy Nguyen says:

I think terayaki is too sweet

Sanne KaosKonsum says:

Oh no, the service is shutting down end of April. I would have really liked to do parts of this. 🙂

Alexandra Sydney says:

Arigato Gozaimasu!!! SO helpful

A. S says:

This is great! I am so happy they offer vegetarian and vegan cooking classes! I think japanese monks eat mostly vegan too…or at least they used to? Does anyone know more about veganism in Japan?

1927 ici says:


Alexander41 says:

mmm yummy

ALBITW says:

is that Miranda? omg. I love your channel ♥

Marcos Yamin says:

I love how she put a tofu cube using the chopsticks, and then threw them all together at once

emuscanfly says:

watches as they squeeze the tofu

“…Will it be like eating a sponge?”

Amalija says:

This is so cool! Thank you for sharing some Japanese vegan recipes!! Iitadakimasu!

The oil for the eggplant didn’t look hot enough at first, I think! 😮 But it all looked great.. that freeze dried tofu is new to me!

Jack Chalmers says:

I read the discription box’s

Expired Ink says:

this look sO DELICIOUS

AlGoh says:

+Sharla in Japan FYI the website states that the service will end on 30 Apr 2016… Is there a replacement? I’m heading over in 2017 and will definitely want to experience this….

島久史 says:


Betty Liu says:

Isn’t Tofu protein

たん たん says:

おいしそう( *´꒳`* )

Yora Va says:

i am new here, just wondering are you vegan? 🙂

sourcactus says:

I give thanks for the animals that I eat in japan ~

CookiechipIry says:

What a fantastic video! 🙂 Keep up the good content 😉 Hugs from Sweden

Carolyn Sibley says:

What made you want to become a vegan? Just curious. 😀

E V O R I says:

I think I’d like to orange my dinner for me and my future husband like ichijyu sansai every night!! I bet it’ll promote healthy eating and stress relief (that parts for me. Cooking and baking relives my stress a lot so if this takes hours to prepare and clean up after, than that’ll help me provide a better life ❤️)

wee momo says:

If you have the japanese traditional dish of this kind, you’ll never put on weight.

lifelikeatob says:

The kitchen knife is just awesome!

Joe Howard says:

Omg that tofu looks so good!!!!!!!

Ykhraam says:

3:40 wowza that’s the sturdiest tofu I’ve ever seen

風吹けばケケス says:

片栗粉は英語でpotato starchって言うのかって感心したけどよく考えたら当たり前やな笑

Aki Vector says:

Very nice! I’ll have friends over this weekend. I’ll definitely make some of these. 🙂

Deshi kitchen sudha Recipe says:


Lara Fruehwald says:

fried eggplant is not really mine, because they suck up all the oil, but the rest looks yummy. 🙂

1blueyedgirl1 says:

Dashi :/ MSG :'(

Life less says:

I give my sister a hard time for being Vegan just poke fun at her when i can.

I’m going to cook this for her to do something nice.

Matt Nichols says:

I didn’t realise tofu was so robust? almost like a sponge in the way it absorbed the water

Ichigo 360 says:


Rezzmari says:

Omg, that tofu reminds me of a sponge. XD

YamiAlex224 says:

this looks good if I wanted to try to Fu any ideas on what brands or what to cook with it

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