Doria Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Doria, Japanese western-style rice casserole dish with a creamy white sauce.
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Sheilkuroi Keikishei says:

Thank you so much for your recipes! I moved far away from any Japanese restaurants and Asian-food markets a couple years ago and thanks to your videos I can order the ingredients online and make the food I miss so much at home! It’s really been wonderful and easy! Thank you!

blue text on white background says:

is it better to use fresh or day-old rice?

Olga Koblova says:

Look’s great!

Carrieanna Blanchette says:

See as a kid i liked rice and ketchup. Dad said I was odd. I grew out of ot as no one ate like that. Now o believe my taste buds ment well. As I see ketchup is put with rice frequently now.

Chew Bird says:

I love fried rice and I love things smothered in white sauce but I’ve never made both together. I must try this!

Reme Garcia says:

I love doria, I make mine gluten and dairy free but it is still delicious. Thank you!

Lila Chan says:

So yummy

I had to add a little more flour and butter and raise the heat to get the bechamel to thicken a little more

I also broiled it for a minute or two because it did not brown.

But the fried ketchup was a good marriage with the white sauce.

Thank you.

Chris Sullivan says:

This recipe looks delicious and even I can follow your easy recipe.
Thank You for sharing this and other great dishes.

subtlyawkward says:

I’m going to make this

fairylovr33 says:

This is probably the most easiest Japanese dish I’ve ever stumbled upon! As far as food I know and can get in my area. It looks really good too. I’d replace the meat w a vegetable tho, I wonder what veggie might go best …? Corn, cauliflower (?)
Thank you so much for sharing this!

John D says:

Wow, that looks super delicious!

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