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You asked for it, so here it is… my attempt at JIGGLY CHEESECAKE, the legendary Japanese confection with a sweet fluffy crumb that defies gravity. Watch to see how it goes…New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to see some DIY jiggle.

Find recipe amounts here (Scroll to bottom of page):

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“Clown Business 2” and “Twerk Zone 3” courtesy of Royalty-free Sprightly and from iMovie. If you’re reading this, you know what’s what. Comment: “Frank?” 🙂


Scharroth says:

7:50 xDDDD

emmy is a savage lol

Clara Mathew says:

Maybe this would taste the same as souffle? Does it?

Guillermo A says:

Frank? 🙂

:P says:

When the 10 shots of expresso starts to kick in

Susan Pratt says:


Shelly Esterline says:

Cup measurement pls?

Carol Schumacher says:

I bet it would be delicious with raisins!!! I laughed so hard when you dropped it at the end lol

Seng Insichienmay says:

you could separate the yolk with the shells. way much easier and less mess.;

Joyce Garcia says:

Hi, I went on the link below to get the recipe. It showed the ingredients but not the “procedures”. I mean, I can re-watch your video for the ingredients but I dont know whay to set my oven for and how long i should bake it for.

Lisa L says:

Hi Emmy! You should try using the empty water bottle method of separating the egg yolks and egg whites. It’s much easier than using your hands haha.

Chloe Dorsey says:

I love your short hair!!!

Zak Anderson says:

I’d put your jiggly cake in my mouth any day. Yummy!

jigz Castillo says:

Hi Emmy it is so delicious

Stunning Sage says:

I really feel like your just really bringing your personality into your videos now, and it is beautiful! I think we are all loving this! <3 keep up the amazing work Emmy <3

kotesha husted says:

How long is it supposed to be in the oven?

Akridge says:

Emmy would make cooking class so much fun

Abigail Moraes says:

What were the dimensions of the springform pan and tray
you used?

Nikki Preston says:

Emmy I have been watching your videos for a while now and its amazing at how much you have broken out of your shy on camera shell. well done !! just be you

Nikki Preston says:

You need to take this cake and make strawberry short bread with it and report back to us how it taste.  if you know what it is.

SolarSunset says:

10:21 roblox death sound

Nicole 1988 says:

I love it when something tastes good and she says “mmhhmm” like she’s surprised.

iamlight1 says:

She’s cute and funny. Definitely sold me on the cake. I am craving to taste it.

Khai Cheng says:

Hello can you give me egg whites in grams? And yolk too? Pleaseeee i need it nowwww

Alexa Lopez says:

I add lemon and lime zest it doesn’t kill the cake at all in my opinion it tastes a bit better.

Lisa St. Andre says:

I wonder,would it have tasted even better with a tad bit of lemon juice in it?

fairly_athletic_quail says:

does that cheese has a specific name or a type ? cause ‘cream cheese’ in my country is salted and used for making sandwiches


Emmy donde están los ingredientes exactos. se ve bueno yuuuumy

Asia Bystrak says:

its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen :`)

Jackson The Booknerd says:

Thank you so much for describing what to do so well! I wanted to make it for a friend’s going-away party and I haven’t found as good of a recipe yet. Definitely using this video to help me make it!

Hatsu NeMiku2006 says:

Hey Emmy I tried to look on the recipe for the Jiggly Cake, and I got very confused. I don’t have a grams and ml scales at all and try to convert to cups and teaspoons and such, giving me a 1/2 a cup of milk and a full cup of butter!?! Would you be able to convert it in to US cups and such, I really want to learn the ml and gram counts but I don’t have the money to buy the items I need for it…. >-> and also my head is spinning about the amount and it didn’t feel right, so there a way to do a US counts on the measurements please? Because I LOVE YOUR RECIPES but I don’t know the grams and milliliters for the recipes you have on your website. My high school didn’t tech me about that and the teacher really didn’t know how to do it ether when I asked, even thou that was 2006 almost 2007 XP but is there any way to reconvert them to US cups and measurements? I’m learning Japanese as well….. Finding about my background and family….Very confusing! XD Thank You a head of time if not I would love to have a response if you can ^_^ having two little ones is hard and I don’t mind if you get to see this a month or so later and reply XD Good Luck with the little ones ^_^ ((Also Merry Christmas!))

Nature Lover says:

I LOOOOVE your channel!!! I’ve been binge watching for 2 hours now!!!

Jessie Radford says:

This gives me hope that I can make it lol

browneyedgurl494 says:

Hello! Does anyone know what size pan this is?? Hoping to make this tonight!

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