Curry OKONOMIYAKI recipe (Japanese pancake)

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How to make Okonomiyaki sauce

Okonomiyaki means ” Grilled what you like ” . So you can make it with your choice.

Ingredients I used (serving 1)
: 70g flour (1/2 US cup)
: 110ml water (1/2 US cup)
: 1 tsp dashi powder
: 1 tbsp curry powder
: 1/2 tsp chili powder
: 1 tbsp beni shoga (pickled ginger)
: Your favorite (spicy) chips
: 1 egg (I didn’t use in this video)
: 60g cabbage
: 60g onion
: 60g pork

Other ingredients
: Okonomiyaki sauce
: Mayo (Kewpie or Japanese brand)
: Aonori (dried seaweed powder)
: Itogiri togarashi (dried chili strings)

Today’s customer
Jessica from Indonesia

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Shujito says:

what can be used instead of curry powder?

日々野煌星 says:



puppy52 says:

That looks so good! I need to make okonomiyaki again soon!

Kenpachi Ramasama says:

i love the music that runny uses while cooking. reminds me of market music

Spoonis says:

I can’t generate any subtitles in English 🙁

Francescadbg says:

my husband and i can’t wait to make it!! we have tried all of your okonomiyaki recipes and love them all!!!

White Cats says:

special thanks まっちゃん
に 笑た ☺

Danisa Mishima says:

we want you with rice ;p

foodislife 〈3 says:

I wanted to try this recipe because it looks so delicious but my family might not like chips in it so what other ingredients can i use for it? For example other vegetables ?

Club Soda says:

Great video

solar says:

The curry okonomiyaki looks super delicious!

Oohh gaki no tsukai!
Funny videos and images from that show always circulates around the internet. I think the comedians on the show are very funny.

Franks BBC says:

can you make this without meat or is it important for good taste?

angrychef says:

I will give it a try these week end Runny san.  Thank you for sharing!

shinryuken0 says:

Do you need okonomiyaki flour specifically, or does it not really matter?

Billynomate Mopp says:

i always thought he make a munching sound when hes about to eat and now i realize it is the sound of the camera auto focus (>ლ)

Critical Eats Japan says:

Wow —interesting spin on okonomiyaki!

Walrus Cocktails says:

Thank you for another great recipe. I’ve been wanting to try the Okonomiyaki for some time now. So far I have seen 2 types: the one you made and the Hiroshima style. Both look delicious and I will definitely be making them.

sittinginacornflake says:

I tried this for dinner tonight. Even though I did not add chips and replaced the ginger (which I did not have) for green bell pepper, and after the sauce I used some nori to garnish, it was super delicious. I think I have put a lot of cabbage but that’s ok as it is a green vegetable. Thanks for this recipe, I will be making it frequently in the future! (also tried the sauce from the other video and it was lovely with this!)

talkshushigeisha says:

Runny, if you don’t mind me asking, how easy is it to ask for dishes without mayonnaise in Japan? Are eating outlets generally okay with that request?

CSIGummy says:

I heard you say Gaki no Tsukai!! I love that show hahah

jojocapy says:

Kentucky Fried Chicken is usually eaten with rice in the Philippines

Any0Mg says:

Ohhh!!! Now I know what I will cook for dinner. Thanks, and greetings from Spain!

spongebracket says:

this looks soooo good, definitely gonna try this dish!
also, I’ve realized that your english has improved so much and I want to complement you on that! Some people may think who cares if your English is terrible but, I feel that it’s always great to give a complement if you see some development.
I love your vids as well!

YH789 says:


DeadmanShiro says:

la traducción en español está mal, “cabagge” no es lechuga, es “col”.

Minae2584 says:

I used to make okonomiyaki for demonstrations in Japanese class and culture fairs back in high school. never made a curry kind though. Sounds great!

Ionesco Salam says:

You made me laugh 😀 I almost eat everything with my fingers

PaKou Lor says:



Have u eat something really spicy before

Vena Marissa says:

No english subtitle? 🙁

lordtamar says:

I’m definitely going to try making this sometime. Looks so good!

cathy cheng says:

rice and mayonnaise on everything is the way to go!!

TRamp94 says:

Come on, you just love rice 😛

ThePolkadog says:

I’d eat everything with rice too haha

srasm says:

AHahaha that outtake “phpbphpbhpbht”

重田雄介 says:


kingofburnttoast says:

This should probably save me a lot of cash during uni. Definitely gonna give it a go!

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