Curry and Rice Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Curry and Rice, one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is easy to make, so perfect for beginners of Japanese cooking. The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 (



Is it possible to cook this in a smaller portion for 1 person? This is enough curry for 4-5 people and left over curry is kinda gross.

goshadowkenny says:

Sushi, soba, ramen, udon, okonimiyai, mochi, sukiyaki, shabu shabu … I love almost all kinds of Japanese foods. But Japanese curry has got nothing on Indian curry.

Matthew D says:

yessss, proof that store bought sauce can rule!! hahaha, take that, wanna be – elitist – culinary- purists.

Dan S. says:

Thank you for the video, followed your instructions and it came out perfect!

sanchaofgo says:

Potatoes will crumble if you cook for 40 min. About 20 min. is enough. Beef is much tender if you cook over 40 min. So I usually add potatoes towards the end.

SoopaFlyism says:

Hmm.. can I use fish? Or is it too soft maybe.

joolsner says:

I’m watching this as I’m eating this having followed the recipe!

Taco says:

Do try S&B demiglace powder. It is awesome and you can control more of the spices that goes into the curry!

Ann Babygurl says:

I absolutely love Curry… ever since a friend I had introduced me to it. Sadly I am the only person in my house that even likes curry because it does have an acquired taste. I so want to make this though. Do you think Celery would also be a good addition to this or no? Even though I am the only one who likes it I could make some and get the whole pot to myself to eat on a few days. How long do you think it would last in the fridge in a sealed container?

Ann Babygurl says:

I am making this tomorrow. I got the mild golden curry brand. Going to get beef carrots potatoes and onions tomorrow. Can’t wait!!!!

Thomas Mace says:

This is a great comfort-food recipe that is quick enough for a week night. High probability that even fussy American kids will love it. I also make this with chicken breast which is even quicker. Saute chicken in a little peanut oil until golden, remove from the pot, then add back at the very end to cook through when the vegetables are tender just before adding the curry roux. I see the curry mix in almost every American supermarket in the ‘Asian’ section, which is remarkable, as the Asian section usually contains next to nothing that is actually Asian.

Sean Gamers says:

how to make curry of life

Payel ghosh roy says:

I would have loved to make it, except that I won’t get this Japanese curry mix anywhere 🙁

Acoustic Crd says:

Can we add milk for optional?

Advocate Paradox says:

I am using this video to make curry now. Working great. Her English is great, but her accent is adorable.

XLR X says:

That is wayyy too little rice! Pile it up :O

Ann Babygurl says:

I made it using this recipe and it is soo good! Didn’t use but only two cubes of curry and added in some corn starch to thicken it up and it is soo good! I still have some left for later! yummy!

Chase Tsai says:

what is the name of the background music? I love it!

rj west says:

make it home made now ik to add more water to it!

Cool sushi says:

Now I’m really hungry….

Richard Nightcore says:

i really love curry today the first time i mad it (together with Tonkatsu) it was awesome

Matthew D says:

that looks excellent, great job!!

Heavenly Trance says:

I don’t like beef so can I substitute it with pork or chicken??

M1911A1ak47 says:

how do you make the sauce from scratch because I’m allergic to Soy and that’s in almost everything but I do know some alternatives for soy

Doanh Ngo says:

Thank you 🙂 I followed your recipe and everyone liked it so much

eternalypissed says:

I want to use the same recipe quantities that you used, do I have to add the whole box of curry? I have a 100g box.

Jade GameSetPlay says:

It s seems yummy the curry.

Marky Aparri says:

omg… i had so many mistakes!!! T_T i do hVe a question. i was unable to find that kind of box curry mix so i used just curry powder and coconut cream. is that alright?

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