Choux Cream (Cream Puffs) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Choux Cream, better known as Cream Puffs in the U.S. Popular sweets in Japan.
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leeloo says:

japanese cooking channel where you learn how to make french pastry explained in english ^_^

claralunalove says:

Hi, I bought Japanese cake flour..can i just use without the all purpose flour?

kuro inori says:

can use starch and all purpose flour be substituted for cake flour

Stephen Smith says:

Love Choux Cream. You can gently cut them in half and fill with whipped cream for those who don’t like custard cream

Faith Kerekere says:

This is amazing thank you

srhncdwkljpm says:

The correct name is choux a la creme. Not choux cream.

milkydumplings says:

That looks so yummy!

Rose Gold says:

I will most definitly be making these, thank you!♡

DoctorRaichu says:

Wow, thanks! I didn’t know these were popular in Japan.

Ann T says:

i cant find all purpose flour and cake flour in japan,

Yummylove says:

looks so good . thanks for the upload

Jael Sanchez says:

I been trying to make Sakura Mochi for a long time, hopefully I can see a video of how to make it from y’all ^.^

Pegasus Sinbkk says:

Noriko-san and Yuko-san, you have de-mysterified Japanese cooking for me! After seeing how simple the recipes you have done, I have begun cooking some of my favorite Jap dishes. Please keep making more videos!! Thanks.

Silver Threadster says:

Can this last a couple of days without going bad?

TheOtakuGirl says:

Is there a way to do this if you don’t have a stand mixer?

Monica Lin says:

It’s also called 忌廉苞芙 in Hong Kong. Different nom, same yummy treat.

mikuo music says:

please do one of dango

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