California Sushi Roll Recipe, Japanese Food, Yum How To

Is sushi one of those things you’re more likely to leave to the pros? If so, you’re missing out, because homemade sushi’s not nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Cut your teeth with a California roll, then start experimenting with different fillings; we’ll show you our foolproof techniques for everything from seasoning and fanning rice to rolling both basic and inside-out rolls.

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kumud rai says:

were is the wasabi. u forgot about it. More perfection is required in terms of cutting the rolls & holding  the rice to the seaweed sheet. Japanese food is all about perfection.

Elka says:

I love sushi

Cynthia Palma says:

yesse yummy yummm

JasminBakes 7 says:

YumsugarTV what!!??

Strom eaey says:

Always use gloves and trim your nails while making sushi.

JasminBakes 7 says:

yum sugar !?

Wowa Ionajtis says:


Team May says:


Marcos Stadnick says:

Você é muito bonita mas seu sushi é feio!

Cecilia Dinh says:

She was quieter back then

The Great Chimera says:

This episode reminded me of Dora The Explorer because of the begging.

G & C Crafting and baking says:

Who is watching this in 2017 if you are then like and reply if you are

Vukasin Ivkovic says:

What i don’t get with sushi is how do you get out all those tiny bones from fish meat ?? When i eat cooked fish i spend a lot of time just picking away at bones. How can i make sure i removed all bones without ripping up the fish meat?

KatKis says:

she just explained how to roll a joint

little prince says:

lol she sucked

natcha khanthachavana says:

Actually the way you roll the roll is using rice as a glue not the water ’cause the rice is sticky enough to close the roll

Emilie P says:

That is maki rolls. California rolls is where the rice is outside of the seaweed

Jhunors Manalata says:

ang sarap nang sushi… ayan ang bago kung work.. mag serve.. nang sushi

Erica Schott says:

I don’t like cucumber so I replace it with cream cheese. It’s soooooo good.

Ken says:

I can now be a true weeb.

Lily Dawn says:

does she say decadent about everything she makes?:p

Viliami Tupou says:

give me some

Kanya Desyana says:

she don’t even know how to roll sushi hm

Samantha Kay says:

Looks like I’m having a girls night very soon! thanks for the video, I love Cali rolls, and I’m excited to make them!! 🙂

Super Gal says:

She said creamy avocado way to much in this video

Kasia Bohos says:

This looks amazing Brandi! I will definitely try making it!

Brandi Milloy says:

Let me know if you try this recipe! I bet you will be shocked to discover how easy it is! Even my 3 and 5 year old nephews can do it!

Adrian Heuberger says:

put vinnigar in the water where you clean your hands (if you’re cooking for many people) and put some vinigar on the knife when cutting the rolls, gives you a smoother cut

Nancy Tignse says:

That’s not how u use a bamboo mat u use it to tighten the roll

Jasper says:

Who is watching in 2016

emylee idk says:


Stephania 1616 says:

She uploaded this vid on my birthday!………well in 2012

marie-cécile says:

I actually like it more with real crab instead of surimisticks

mariela9897 says:

made me hungry

Pikkitt says:

Mine turned out really great. Plus you’re so cute.

Threetwinkletwins says:

made me hungry

Alvaro Alcocer says:

Good job

Alison Ha says:

will you please remake TGIFriday’s cajun alfredo pasta?

Kiana Lu says:

make dumplings please

Amy Nguyen says:

Now im hungry for sushi i need it california roll

Becky says:


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