Better than Japanese mayonnaise recipe (No talk 14)

Ingredients I used
: 150ml veggetable oil
: 1 egg yalk (room temp)
: 1 tsp whole grain mustard (or dijon mustard)
: 1/2 lemon
: 1 tbsp honey
: Salt / pepper

: 1 whole garlic
: Olive oil
: Salt

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– runnyrunny999


agnesdeque says:

Chef I’m sure your mayonnaise without garlic is delicious too !!!

Ellen Block says:

i wanna hear some boiling in the next one!

Francescadbg says:

wow that looks very tempting.

RealistReviewer says:

Looks really tasty! good to make your own mayo that you know what’s in it! BTW Yalk in the description needs changing to Yolk <3

Club Soda says:

Runny is great

Oscar Mayer says:

use it or eat it (:

theDriza says:

rooks good runny heernt

Tammy Hey says:

what does the honey do?

Honey Bee says:

That is alchemy or kitchen magic ..whichever you like best….I love this with fresh home made triple cooked chips…Yummm!!! XOXO

Minae2584 says:

So basically aoli? Or as I like to call it, “Fancy Mayonnaise!”

Yuuki says:

the garlic holy grail \(^o^)/

Kandi Gloss says:

Egg Yolk*
Just a friendly spelling correction. 😉

Richard Blaine says:

Nom Nom that mayo is going in my next Caly roll!

awaketogrey says:

anybody else notice the “Japanese Movie 2016” in the recommended sidebar? looks… interesting, lol.

meiastar says:

That goes right in my face. *opens mouth* *points* right in there.

Toy mania 365 says:

Nice video  \(^o^)/

PokeBrian1888 says:

Looks like Aioli

Crux161 says:

This looks fantastic but I have a very different way of making mayo 🙂

Wilai Kajiura says:


Phi Cheung says:

What do I do if there is no oven? 🙁 I really want the garlic

Jean C says:

yayy I’ve been waiting for a video from you runny :))

Harukaze says:

Looks good!

Jennifer Masters says:

I fucking hate this recipe style, no commentary = shittiola

Kay Cohen says:

Looks like the mayonnaise we use to eat in the south of France 🙂 !!

Sola Del Ro says:

It looks like a recipe for garlic aioli +runnyrunny999 yum!

Yuuki Hyuuga says:

*start 😀
also my trypophobia acted up when u pushed up that garlic x.x

bringerofhavok says:

You can do this in a blender if you don’t like whisking so much.

Steve Bergen says:

This sauce with deepfried squid, or chicken katsu .

Momi says:

My suggestion: Harusame salad!!!

Hylian Hero Link says:

I will try this it looks good ;D

EH CBunny says:

This is called garlic aioli and it tastes great on a roast beef sandwich and french fries.

Sean Macys says:

normally i think mayo is gross but this looks actually good

sentieria says:

isn’t this honey mustard sauce xD

Saphireblue3 says:

yum <3 Looks soooo good, I am saving this recipe, thanks Runny

iSayCucumber says:

I really love these no talks with no music in the background. I’m not sure why but everything looks tastier when you can hear it.

Let's Get Punk says:

You should make something sweet!

Seriousda says:

Don’t like no talk videos.

1loveOFmusic says:

Thanks, it came out really good 🙂

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TheeBudGuru says:

Hey Runny, you can still put on some tunes!

kawaii-japan says:


Daniel Kirk says:

I always preferred to get emulsion via stick blender then season afterwards to taste. Often people season too much pre-emulsion and it ruins the mayonnaise

Andres Flores says:

I make this at home and I eat it with almost everything its amazing x3

Amanda Christine says:

I just made this today and it was the first time I made mayo successfully. On top of that, the roasted garlic elevated the mayonnaise to epic proportions!! I was beyond thrilled. Thank you runny!!

Dojan5 says:


faduma ali says:

can i use sunflower oil

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