7 Japanese Desserts From Tasty Japan

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Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/12036

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Licensed via Audio Network

Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/12036


Patryk Huczko says:

the first one was satisfying

just Alice says:

this is so satisfying in a way

Ayse Nur says:

Can you make turkish desserts

ONCES toTHEmax says:

Its easy and.delicious

Yasmine Ouhmad says:

صالون مغربي عصري

Steph Torcella says:

God this makes me miss Japan even more huhuhu….

mj23allday247 says:

Recipe for Japanese Fluffy Cheesecake is WAY too much for just one round cake, it’s for two 8 inch rounds.

ofmice&oliver says:

is it me or the bg has this ‘the japanese house’ vibe?

Adi says:

I love how this video is written in Japanese. But I do wonder if Japanese watch Tasty. I mean they probably do if they had a Japanese ver. of Tasty. AH AND THE CHEESECAKE IS SO FLUFFY.

Nicola Petrea says:


Sara Querido says:

hello could you please make a video of Folar de Olhão I really wanted to see, please put Radiohead-Montion Picture Soundtrack as soundtrack

M. Carrera says:

0:00-0:49 fluffy Japanese cheesecake 0:50-1:33 brick french toast
1:34-2:18 Rice Cooker Match cake 2:19-3:04 Fluffy Japanese Pancakes 3:05-3:42 Red Bean Dorayaki Balls 3:43-4:29 Roasted Tea Creme Brullee 4:30-5:17 Chocolate Chestnut Mochi

Couch Potato Cook says:


Crafts World says:

Omg that first recipie!!Sponge cake is soooo cute it will have to much fun to eat!

bookcrazy001 says:

That fluffy cheesecake sounds amazing.

James Bond says:

What about making indian sweets!!!!

Zella Fun Videos says:

wish I can make all of that. 🙁 Maybe one day. I can only make basics.

AfroDollBabe says:

Looks like japanese dessert is just american dessert but thicker aka “fluffy”

Jmaz says:


Jeewon Choi says:

Great recipes 🙂
For the green tea sponge, what would be the temperature and time needed in the oven? Or can I take the same method as the cheesecake?

LoveFood says:

check out our tasty recipes

The Angery Ostrich says:

do enchiladas pleade! 😀

Hien Nguyen Thanh says:

The French Brick Toast is a Japanese dessert or a French dessert?

Mark Sloan says:

i don’t cook but that’s so sacrificing

ちさわ says:

I’m japanese,so I often eat Daifuku made of mochi is delicious. So I want to eat it the people around the world.

LunaEthereal says:

Please make a video featuring taiyaki

Jon Rowe says:

Yo why not put the name of the song is the description cmon

Cos mos says:

like before watching.

Ruby Rodrigues says:

i’ve watched this vid about 20 times just for the first 2

firehawksal19 says:

What’s this music called?

MJ says:

Is it just me, or did I see Chinese writing above the ingriedients?(I can read Chinese) And I never knew that Japan could be tasty! 🙂 Tasty should teally work on their stuff. No offense………………………………………………………………………….

Crystal Maldonado says:

the rice cooker cake, when they were mixing it, it kind of looked like something that came out of me and into the toilet if i would’ve eaten something bad

Ayako G says:

the dorayaki things look really good omg

tasme haq says:

only fluffy Japanese cake is good other all bad

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