Zeppole – Italian Doughnuts Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 163

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DeShaune Thomas says:

you should get a airfryer

Yvette Velasco says:

I made my own homemade pizza dough from Laura recipe but I have a question do I let it rise or I use it like that with out rising

Christina's Life says:

Where do you get the pizza dough from?

Ryan Bell says:


Amina Simone says:


Wubalem Yadeta says:

It so good thanks

Aubrey xxx says:

Hello Laura! ♥ Can make a dough without the yeast? I don’t have any yeast in here. And I want to do this right now. Please anybody, I want to know the answer. 

Marway All The Way says:

are they like munchkins? 

Lukey Hemmo says:

im eating this rn

Reyes WonderFUN says:

Baked these and it turned out tasty. Everyone In my family enjoyed it. They asked me to make more . You have inspired me to we better at my cooking skills. Thanks

jenny murada says:

i have one words to say…YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYY.MMMMM

Minh Tao says:

How do you make pizza dough ?

رنو الحربي says:

You made things like what you already made in Arbic world we call it Alqamat also some ppl call it Awamh.

Morgan S says:

I just made this and it is wonderful

Zlate Mihaela says:

i do thing with bread dough too it work just fine, you cann make any shape and spread what ever you lik on them

CRAFTYGIRL 3000 says:

How did you make your pizza dough

Minh Tao says:

How do you make pizza doh

leon ramclam says:

She didn’t make anything… all she did was fry dough

MyBoobear27 says:

can you use biscuits instead?

Max Capone says:

not good with pizza dough to heavy

Titania Grace says:

Hi Laura, can you share your recipe for the pizza dough that you use for these?

The Sniper says:

Was your grandma high while making these????

Nusrat Jamia says:


From A Naturals Point of View says:

I would like to bake them. What temperature should I bake them at??

Miguel C says:

Do you have a recipe for how to make the pizza dough?

Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55) says:

They serve these at my favorite Italian restaurant. So good! 🙂


Cute and can cook. Mama mia

Ronnie Davis says:

Wow I want to do this

Marina De Santis says:

Hi Laura, just wanted to ket you know that I’ve made the doughnuts this morning & they didn’t turn out ( they didn’t go brown & they were raw in the middle) I’m really annouyed, so I’m going to make another batch. I’II let you know how it turned out.

Eve Laliah Sontos says:

I feel like this is the same thing as asians have but instead of coating them in sugar we dip them in sweeten condensed milk

Kholoud saleh says:

If friends

Jennifer Hall says:

i watch your show and i saw this recipe

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

Dem eyes tho

Kristine says:

Can you really call that a recipe? It’s fried dough

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