Voted the best Chicken Francaise recipe on Facebook – Francese or French

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Chicken Francaise is also known as “Francese” egg dipped chicken breast in tangy buttery sauce. I believe this dish was created in America by Italian immigrants. As with numerous Italian chicken dishes, they were originally intended for veal which was more expensive. Why an American Italian dish is called “French” ? Beats me, but one thing for sure, the flavours are incredible. This dish has been shared by over 100 million people on Facebook! Wow, hence why it’s voted as the best chicken francese recipe ever on Facebook.

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Moin Khan says:

I tried it and it was fabulous

jon snow says:

Stupid music, so annoying.

KawaiiPotato says:

What can you substitute the white wine for?

Talal Zahr says:

its my favorite channel ever its simple and tasty recipe it is so real

Michael Gonzalez says:

Great recipe…

T T. says:

I made this today n it was DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you!

oxidesofliving says:

The music. Why? Most annoying video ever. This auto played While I had chicken on my hands. This is awful. I didn’t cuss in this comment. But every time you auto play again I will give you the same earful I just endured.


This is one of the food channels here that i love because of the less talking and more on the cooking with exact ingredients and clear demonstration on how to… plus you are a good looking and tidy chef!

Hani Nazzal says:

Nice work chef looks delic

Guy Thomas says:

Got it, Big thanks

Zafar Waheed says:

Simply Awesome … Superb … Yummmmmy.

Dave Hockett says:

Made this last night. Forgot the parsley so I mixed in pesto sauce. Truly the most tender juicy chicken I’ve ever eaten! Thank you!

Suyapa Opina says:

I would just reduce the oil and butter. It’s a little to much for me. Other than that it looks good .

William Fotiou says:

Wine goes into Franchaise batter too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kolay Doğal Yemek Tarifleri says:

Thank you very much good idea

Senjuti Mukhopadhyay says:

I tried this giving a little desi touch, I used cilantro in place of parsley and no butter, that was also finger licking.

Rowan Robinson says:

That fucking music can die a horrible death

Susan Recipes says:

Looks so yummy…

MyTube Channel says:

I made this for dinner tonight, and it was truly great! The only thing different that I did was after cooking on both sides I put it in the oven for 8 minutes, and added a last sprinkle of parmesan cheese at the last minute. Ooooohhh! Yummy!

xXXDeadlyHavocXXx says:

Can you add anything to the flour to give it a kick?

Sandra Siegler says:

Fran (rhymes with yawn) caise (says as in “says who?”)

Jo Hunter says:

Its so easy to turn this into a keto friendly recipe.  Thanks.

Robert Z says:

Fondant potatoes would go nice with this dish.

Ramon Munoz says:

It looks soooo delicious hard to resist not to cook this meal

Guy Calabrese says:

Based on the ingredients and from what I’ve seen, I would rename it to “Italian chicken schnitzel”. It’s very typichal of italian cooking to use parmigiano either mixed wih breadcrumbs or by itself when making “schnitzeltype dishes”. The butter is the only french (or northern italian) element here, otherwise it looks like my calabrian grandmother making scaloppine…

Lamashtu says:

Looks delicious, however the music makes me want to kill puppies.

musa butt says:

anybody tell me which thing i used instead of wine

Dũng Nguyễn says:

Isnt lemon juice in heat make them taste bitter ?

Ruben Borjas Jr says:

Nice … easy as pie.

Art Edwards says:

Awwwww, HELL YEAH!!! This is dinner! Tonight!!!

sephra duncan says:

I TRIED this recipe for Valentines day….and it was amazing…soooo amazing i was asked to prepare it the following day!! Amazing recipe chef!!!xoxo

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