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Today on the Edgy Veg Candice walks you through a mouth watering sandwich recipe that’s a twist on the classic Italian Veal Sandwich, substituting eggplant for veal turning it into a true vegan delight that many would also say is an even better tasting Italian sandwich than the original.

Full recipe:

To make this epic Italian sandwich you will start by dipping your eggplant slice into an egg replacement being sure to coat it evenly. The thickness of the slice and your choice of egg replacement is simply a matter of personal preference. There are many worthy egg replacements available, if you are new to egg replacement shopping you might want to do some research online prior to making your purchase. Once you have your Eggplant thoroughly coated place it in a bowl of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and make sure you coat it evenly in those as well. After those two steps are complete put your breaded eggplant into a pan of hot oil and fry it until it reaches a nice crispy brown consistency.

While your eggplant is frying take some time to whip up what Candice calls your “Accoutrement”. This is one of the most important steps in giving your Italian sandwich that special zing. In another frying pan chop up as much jalapeno as you would prefer to use, pour in a bit of oil and some salt and sauté them until they are translucent. If you don’t care for the spicier side of life than by all means feel free to substitute the jalapenos for another type of pepper. Don’t forget to check on your eggplant as you want it crisp but not burned. In the same pan, or even another pan, you will fry up some mushrooms using the same basic method you did with the jalapenos. The type of mushroom is again personal preference, it looks like Candice is using some cremini mushrooms in her recipe but any meatier mushroom would be good as this is just going on top of your fried eggplant.

After you have your mushrooms and your jalapenos fried put those in separate bowls. Now pull out that jar of homemade tomato sauce. What? You don’t have a jar of homemade tomato sauce? The tomato sauce is an integral part of this recipe so don’t even think about skipping it. If you aren’t familiar with making tomato sauce than you could certainly buy some, just check the ingredients to ensure you are getting high quality vegan approved sauce when you make your purchase. After you have secured your sauce cut your bun in half and evenly spread your tomato sauce on both halves. When it comes to bun selection for this recipe keep in mind you need to stick with a more robust bun as you are loading your Italian sandwich up with quite a few ingredients.

Traditionally you would use parmesan cheese with this recipe, in Candice’s case vegan parmesan cheese. As mentioned in past videos there are many good options to consider when looking for vegan parmesan, check you local health food store. Unfortunately Candice ran out of her vegan parmesan and was forced to use cheddar for this recipe instead. You may find yourself in the same predicament. However, parmesan cheese will give you the most authentic Italian sandwich flavor and if it’s an option that’s the recommended choice hands down. Regardless of your cheese selection put a slice on your top bun. Now add your fried eggplant to the bottom bun and top it with your jalapenos, mushrooms, and another generous helping of sauce.

Add the top bun and consider cutting your freshly created Italian Eggplant Sandwich in half. It is a hearty sandwich and can tend to get a bit messy if you try and eat it without cutting it in half. That concludes this easy vegan recipe that is a stellar replacement for the traditional Italian veal sandwich.

For all of you out there considering going vegan take Candice up on her 30 Day Vegan Challenge and try it for 30 days. James has taken up the torch and is going vegan for 30 days as well so you won’t be doing it alone. Why not bring your friends along too? There are also many tasty recipes already on this channel to aid you in your quest, and many more to come.

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Huzar1683 says:

#veganproblems…. haha im lucky my local servo has a vegan section

Jenny Kar says:

This looks incredible!

Michelle Fortuin says:

Can you please tell me recipe of your tomato sauce?

anna Valle says:

Do you have a glutenfree bread recepie?:)

Raskia says:

you should melt your cheese


Yummmeee! Just so delish looking!

Debra says:

*Yummy ^__^* .. Thanks so much for sharing this Amazing Recipe.Just found your channel and I really like it 🙂 PS.. I’m from Toronto as well ^__^..

Riley Lauder says:

Thanks for putting onto the egg re-placer. I’m going to fry my Burgers in it today.

AlliKLau says:

just tried this, and it is so yum!!

Shayla Chai says:

Your voice reminds me of Zooey Deschanel!

onceuponanexploration says:

Toast that top:P Yum.

Dusky Lake says:

definitely gonna try this one

hellsangel050894 says:

what’s an egg replacement mixture?

Naeem Salameh says:

I’m new to your channel, but i’m in love so far! 🙂

Masimov colačenko says:

sei bellissima

Toxodeth says:

I am new in your channel, I will say just Excellent !!!!!!! I will start making some veggie ham sometime soon, here in Alaska you don’t find much of varieties of veggie meat , so I will try your recipe , Thank you , greetings!

Em Sk says:

yum ! looks easy

ldyluv6988 says:

Love your videos!!!!

KelseySong says:

What egg replacement did you use,??

calonstanni says:

I subscribed because you are kinda awkward. smooch.

vale neko says:

you’re amazing!!!!!!!! I love u & Canada!! …I’m italian so thanks for this video

jeremy oliver says:

oh id pay so pay for that *drooling*

Benjamin Malave says:

You’re hot!

Awaken says:

What is the calorie content of this burger?

Gabrielle Robinson says:

Are you still going to upload the Chik-Fil-A copycat sandwich?

Lauren Acuff says:

Do vegan fettuccini Alfredo!!

Rishabh Singh says:

I am not going to learn to cook your recipes, cuz i wont be able to control my self and become a junk food vegan.:(

Øl Christian says:

Plants are living creatures too you fucking retards … Please stop eating plants too .. Thank you

jasmine coe says:

I really like how you don’t JUST use super healthy foods. like I know a lot of vegans that are afraid of egg replacer or seitan because its processed ..etc and use things like bananas to replicate eggs in baking or mushrooms and beans to replicate meat and although those are super great substitutions for certain recipes, they really don’t taste the same. I like that you really emphasize flavor as opposed to if it fits into your “health”, regime 🙂

kriss kross says:

What brand of vegan mozzarella do you use? I can’t find a good brand

Quinn Alexandra says:

I’m from Rome, Italy and we don’t use to do this kind of sandwich sorry, to make it italian you should substitute mushrooms with tomato (not sauce) remove also Jalapeno as it’s not available in my country so we don’t know it, and for the cheese it’s ok mozzarella not tasty like cheddar!! At least you should add some black pepper and lemon to make it really italian 😉 i will try anyway your recipe sounds good!!

Martinez G says:

how do you prepare the egg replacer?

Candace White says:

This looks so good! It’s like midnight when I’m watching this and now I’m starving! I love fried eggplant!!

SLAMSwan says:

Some caramelized onions would be dope on this sandwich.

kaitlin g says:

How is James not vegan when you make it so easy and delicious for him!

Lina Kan says:

This is sooo good! Had an eggplant that really needed to be eaten, so I made a variation on this and it was delicious 😀

Max Maxx says:

Mario? Seriously bro

MrsVeronicat says:

If I can’t find any egg replacer in my country, what should I use? Wanna make these so baaad!
And, btw, I’m italian! 😉

Hol says:

Yum! Have you done donuts yet? If no, please make donuts! 😀

Mizz Bella Kitty says:

Veal honestly creeps me out.

The Vegan Hippie says:

Just made one of these. OMG it’s fabulous. No peppers and no cheese though. Added onions with the mushrooms and used pizza sauce. Can’t wait to have this again. Thank you for sharing.

PocahantasBam says:

Hi there Jess (new girl)

Kitten Addiction says:

Why not try making your own cheese? o:

Ali Wilson says:

Where do you buy vegan cheese?

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