The World’s Best Marinara Italian Sauce Recipe

For more on this The World’s Best Marinara Italian Sauce Recipe Do you want to learn how to make the best Italian Marinara Sauce in the World? This sauce is made with Italian plum tomatoes. This Italian pasta sauce is one of the best recipes in the world. I have cooked and eaten at the best Italian restaurants all around the world and I give this tomato wine basil sauce a full 5 stars. This video shows you how to cook this Marinara sauce. The Bald Chef shows you how to cook the recipe for a great Marinara sauce for any type of pasta. It is vegetarian so you know it’s healthy.


FashionWork 12 says:

yo that bowl is about to fall off the friggin table

Echiya says:


Riccardo Depaoli says:

This is the biggest joke. I’m not even going to start to educate you on how a real marinara sauce is made in Italy. Why? Anybody who calls himself a chef and uses an electric range and not fire is not worth teaching anything to

Stitchety DooDah says:

Never trust a man with an electric stove.

couchpoet1 says:

San marzano….

TheCurtisEarthShow says:

Chef, see a chiropractor about that neck. I have been making marinara for 20 years and always let the wine /onions and garlic boil off before adding the tomatoes and basil. I am going to try your method here and see if it adds a better taste dimension. Thank you for the video.

MOJO's Krazy Kitchen says:

First, let me introduce myself I am Julie Oakes, So I have a question, the tomato sauce you used is not readily available where I am, what would be your second pick? Answer when you can. Thank you

Boo C. says:

Trust me, I’ve made my homemade sauce for yrs. Not one complaint. Have a friend from Naples that loved it. No, not Naples FL, lol.

m h says:

no its not

Richard Weeks says:

He taste the sauce and then puts the spoon back in the bowl!!!! How gross.

ecsyntric says:

is that an italian stove?

vilko skorlich says:

I would disagree with this. I think America is probably the only
country which takes marinara to mean just tomato sauce. If you visit
Italy and order anything “alla marinara”, you’ll get seafood. I’d say
Australians are just more true to the Italian meaning of the word.
Napolitana is the Italian version of what the Yanks call marinara (i.e. pure tomato sauce).
**Edit: And if you don’t believe me, here’s a recipe
from an Italian website for “Pasta alla Marinara”. Key ingredients are
cozze (my Italian’s rusty, I think clams?), vongole (mussels) and
gamberetti (prawns). Doesn’t even have a tomato based sauce, just a
white wine, oil and garlic sauce.

Ken Riccio poems says:

All wrong! let me show you how to make the real deal. start with 1 can of dop San Marzano tomatoes.if you can’t find them Cento San Marzano are fine, then get your saucepan put extra virgin olive oil in saucepan take 5 garlic cloves and leave them big chop in half, take a teaspoon of butter with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, saute for 1 min high heat then add a little bit of red Italian wine and fresh basil with oregano and a few hot pepper flakes, finish cooking for the reminder 30 seconds (saute total time about one and a half min to two min) then place your tomatoes in bowl break up with hands .. place tomatoes in sauce pan let cook for 15 to 20 min occasionally stirring .. add at the very end more basil to finish as basil always goes in at the very end, use plenty of fresh basil. done this is the real Napoledon marinara sauce.. cook macaroni add sea salt to water then take your macaroni from pot and strain do not rince! cook aldente put macaroni into saucepan, finish cooking in saucepan with sauce until hot. use Deceeco macaroni as it is from italy and it is run through a bronze cast die. laling like the cats tongue, mix well put Locatelli pecorino romano cheese on top and enjoy. this is the way we do it in naples. now if you really want to make it authentic you need to buy Partana extra virgin olive oil from sicily and oragano on the branch from Sicily also coarse seasalt called mediterra from the medateranean sea which you can buy from salt works everthing is available on the net and now you have the real deal.. the worlds best maranari sauce. watch my friend Gianni from the states although i add a little more spices then Gianni.. the trick is use the best ingredients available and you have a fantastic sauce .. ken from italy..

iheartmakeup86 says:

To all the people who are writing negative comments about his sauce… I would like to know if any of you have actually made this sauce? How do you know this is a terrible recipe if you’ve never tried it? Just because you make the sauce in a different way does not mean that his sauce is not delicious as well! In order to critique someone else’s recipe you must try it first otherwise it’s just an assumption…. and even then what might be considered delicious to one person might be disgusting to another.

m h says:

that sauce will taste like nothing but basil. you only need a few leaves at the very end when you take it off the heat

Luis Gordillo says:

what a rip off

Rosie Duarte says:

What is the name of the tomato puree on your video and do I have to special order it or is that available in local markets? THANK YOU

Michael Dark says:

How’s about a video actually showing how make sauce. Not how to use Wal-Mart to ghetto make sauce

Wilfredo cedeño says:

when I saw you use the tomatoes packed in a box as ingredient I stopped the video. the real sauce most use fresh and real tomatoes without extra preservatives .

George Lucas says:

Why is this sauce called marinara?

Neil Smith says:

Stop the camera and in the edit cut yourself out for a more fluid video. Great recipe.

Dre Li says:

Food is food even if you overemphasize your Italian ingredients.

StraightWhiteMale says:

I like to keep my dollars local and not outsource my food ingredients so I will continue to buy and use local homegrown ingredients. Tired of you soothsaying to people to buy Italian!

Buy USA people! Local is even better or homegrown where you can control the quality of soil!

Traitors these people!

Preeti Tewari says:

I just watched the marinara sauce recipe on Easycooking and then came to your channel for the same and you mentioned Easycooking chef liking canned tomatoes…I am spooked.. Guess the world is even smaller on YouTube..

m h says:

gross no salt

lakisbouz says:

No fresh garden tomato = INSTANT FAIL….. go to McDonald’s


I love & use the Pomi Box Tomatoes all of the time they are just as good or better than the San Canned tomatoes from Italy etc. & Plus they are way less expensive etc.

Positively Udo says:

He pronounces it “Quesi-nard” … >_< lol

Joie de Vivre says:

maybe he went bald because he’s a bad chef

SwordofManticorE says:

I actually bought and drank Marsala wine in Marsala in Sicily, and it is the strongest wine i ever had. It is excellent for cooking as well.

DoumdaDoum says:

amateur cook

MahEe Doll says:

Wine is not available in pakistan what should i do??


You need to use a Wooden Spoon to make it Italian to stur the Sauce etc.

Victor PONCE says:

Im not italian, but its missing a couple key ingredients…K

Masaakii Hair Fiber says:

“If that ain’t Italian, I would grow some hair” lmao

jayjayhere fre says:


mikedoesseo says:

It’s just basil guy………………….not “Italian basil”.

Anthony Rader says:

sweet Marsala wine?

Checkm8king2 says:

Glen you rock!

sravani 20 says:

A note preperation of sause starts from 2:20 better to skip

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