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Italian Sunday gravy is the traditional, long-cooked pasta sauce from a small village in Campania. It has long braised meats galore like pork braciola, beef braciola, meatballs and sausage. It’s a classic of the slow food movement since you really want to take your time making this one. But the good news is that while it’s a lot of time, it’s not a lot of work. You basically make the sauce, brown the meat and then let everything simmer together for several hours. It’s the perfect dish to make on a lazy Sunday afternoon sipping wine with friends.

You have to make this one next Sunday!

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Bob Flores says:

Do you ever add wine to your gravy or anything you cook? When in the 3 hours of cooking the sauce do you add the meatballs? Mushrooms? Y or N.

pianogus says:

Gianni, beyond amazing. Grazie!

Marguerite Grasso says:

Love this recipe. Growing up my mom made Sunday gravy. Just love it, and you brought back memories.

Andrew Hallock says:


Roots Rock Riot says:


John Baginski says:

You should be on the Food Network TV. show you are way better then the Chefs on there.

gobbi dimerda says:

Gianni questa sarebbe la variazione locale del tuo paese di origine del ragù napoletano? Perchè se non sbaglio nel ragù napoletano non ci sono la salsiccia e l’involtino, ma la costina e la polpa a tocchi. Ma magari mi sbaglio, visto che sono piemontese ahahah. Comunque gran piatto, complimenti.

Nick Kosmas says:

Made this for my family last night and they loved it! You’re a great teacher. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

eogg25 says:

I am happy to see you use the name Gravy, because that’s what we called it and when I moved to another state, people kept correcting me and saying it was Sauce but it was gravy to me and later a Chef told me why it was gravy. anything made with a meat base is gravy and a sauce was made with a vegetable base. My mother made Braciola but no raisons, my aunt and Father are Sicilians and she would put raisons in the meatballs, our spaghetti meat was usually Pork neck bones which was the meat base for our gravy,  We did not have a lot of money, long fusilli is hard to find in my area, your fusilli looks more like bucatini without the hole,  I enjoyed watching your video, I will have to check your other videos out.

Michael Irwin says:

you know, I got some DOP san marzano tomatoes to cook with for the first time, they’re peeled but stored in a puree. should I even use the puree or do I just pull out the tomatoes? I’ve read the puree won’t be from San marzano tomatoes but from a cheaper strain.

Giovani De parma says:

looks delicious

2fast65 says:

great video Gianni looks awesome.

Dave Splayds says:

“don’t use that stuff in the cardboard carton, I’ll kill ya!!!”….laughed so hard….I.m subscribing.

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

The reciepie and food you cooked looks delicous. I have not watched all your other video’s so I am unfamiliar with Little City, so I googled it, and found Little City Market at 1400 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133, I am sure it’s the same place? I’ll have to drive up from San Jose and buy their home made meatballs, and Italian sausage.

Mark Daniele says:

Did this yesterday for my lady and what a meal.

David K says:

Tremendous style and skill. Simply amazing, well done Gianni. Let me ask you, can you share where you get your pots and pans? I love the restaurant style pans that you use. Thank you Gianni.

Chouana Heu says:

That last part made me laugh so hard , “..don’t use that stuff in that cardboard box or i’ll kill ya–” The way you talk I can tell you are incredibly humble and you just gained yourself a subscriber. I look forward to looking at more of your videos! Love, love, love the personality. Its what makes sharing food so enjoyable! I have no idea how to cook italian food, so this looks like a great start. Love the accent <3

Greg M says:

This meal is a lot of work and shows how much u love the people u make it for.

Hulky60 says:

can I buy that pasta online?

Michael says:

Absolutely Delicious… !! Quality ingredients make all the difference in the world.!! Good Stuff my friend… Thank You.!!!

golfalot1 says:

What a meal. Looks amazing! But I’m deglazing that pan the meat was in with a bit of chicken broth or wine. I’m making this for Super Bowl Sunday!

Chrissy K says:

Beautiful. Immensely enjoyed watching this…I’m gonna have to try this❤

Rob Bird says:

This video needs about 100M views. This man can cook!

slug says:

not enough onion, too much carrot stronzo

Philly Mama 215 says:

Wow!!! Looks amazing!

D0nQuix0te says:

An absolutely great video. Thank you.

Anstria Greenwood says:

I made ciabatta to go with it, everything was terrific _but_ I sent my husband to the Italian food store/butcher when i was at the eye doctor, gave him a list, spelled correctly and they gave him bresaola, which looks like lunch meat. i had to buy a steaK and a pork roast at the normal grocery which has awful water loaded meat, semi-freeze and cut it thin. The braciola were very small but my husband loved them, the sausage and meatballs too. thank you Gianni. now i have to figure out what to do with two pounds of lunch meat (very tasty).

careforyou says:

Hey I’m from Jersey -you from Jersey ? love your cooking !

Matthewseven13 says:

Ahhhhh! Sunday Gravy! Just like momma used to make, only she removed the all the meats except the sausages and sent them in my Papa’s lunchbox on monday, it must have really brightened his Monday having them for lunch!

dganz1 says:

beautiful! that is a long lost art. even in italy, no one cooks like this anymore. this makes me remember my youth when all the italians in my city hung out together and did stuff like this. there was not much to like there was today , so my parents and their friends cooked and made meals like this. it was always festive and there was always food to eat. we seem to have lost so much so I try making nice sugos like this and give it friends and family and make them remember the good days that our parents taught us.

Jonathan Strano says:

”You remind me of my dad, he was such a great cook like you are…..I enjoy your show’s.

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