Simple Pizza Recipe | Real Italian Foodies


qpr man says:

ok my mouth is watering

watafucup says:

Would the use of a pizza stone be a good idea?

dreamlanddon says:

put your hands in the dough… ha ha ha ha very nice…

w. says:

Great!! Thank you.

Rome Italy says:

My wife will be Italian because the Italian girls know how to cook Italian food.





jonnyboat2 says:

Armando is absolutely right. No one ever mentions the most important thing about making pizza, the protein content of the flour they use. If you want good Italian pizza with a chewy crust, you should use flour with a protein content of about 12 to 14 percent. With flour, protein equals gluten. That means you need a high gluten flour. Gluten equals elasticity. Elasticity means you will have a flour that traps the gas produced by the yeast and you’ll get a bubbly crust when baking.

Soon O Ling says:

real Pizza !!!!! real Italian Pizza !!!! Yammy

Talor Walker says:

When you put it in the pan do you put olive oil on the bottom r something? +real Italian foodies

Anderson Liang says:

When you put it in the oven, is it at maximum temperature 550F on highest rack in broil? Thanks

Frank M says:

why was my dough so sticky after letting it sit

Torcheni Mohamed says:

I am trying this pan and grill trick ! hope it makes a difference ! thanx <3

Marty B says:

The camera person sucks!

Pierluigi Cagliari says:

look pizza nostra family

Eye on art says:

please, can i freeze individual pizza’s for single use!

Excel Energas Limited says:

@real Italian Foodies: How long did you heat the dough on the stove, please advise??

ferkco says:

Who makes s good oven safe fry pan? Anybody? Thank you.

Tamás Tóth says:

The Best!!!!


bello pizza

thefint says:

Where did you get the 00 flour?

BeyondTheLimit says:

just how many pizza will i get when I make this??

Katherine Harris says:

Brilliant this is a great video. Thank you.

bilal bilwar says:

this is the best tip you gave,

1Applerules1 says:

Cooking the bottom in a pan and broiling the top in the oven… Genius!!!

bella dawood says:

brilliant…I have been trying to make napoli style pizza at home…tried so many ways but i never get the result I want in oven….I can’t wait to try this technique….thanks for sharing 🙂

hostyle0 says:

“today we will be cooking the pizza in the frying pan”
If you said this at the start of the video you could have saved me 7 minutes

michael giesbrecht says:

That is really good food i love it i made it last week

Chris Nickolson says:

Looks great ! I’m going to try it tomorrow!

Moses Hwang says:

Looks delicious!

Naif Al zahrani says:

Wtf this is too much salt!!! For small dough! And no sugar to activate the yeast!
Sorry this is not the italian way.


very easy n best reciepy

Rick James says:

these two have fucked before for sure…I can tell

i. zak says:

how big the pan should be for a 200g dough?

Indian Cooking Recipes says:

Really Great 🙂

J AK says:

lovely jobly

Local Traveller says:

Well done! I subscribe

Product of Italy says:

Nice trick “Pan-Broil” for make an homemade pizza! Ottimo lavoro, bravi!

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