SICILIAN GRANITA AND BRIOCHE RECIPE | Granita Siciliana al Limone (Italian Lemon Ice Recipes)

How to Make the famous Sicilian Granita and Brioche soft bun. As you know I am a huge fan of Sicilian Food and in this video recipe we have the privilege to learn some secrets from Chef Paolo Gatto (One of the best Italian Chefs in Australia and he is Sicilian).
Paolo is the owner of a fantastic Italian Pastry shop called “Pari Pasticceria” situated in the suburb of Concord in Sydney.
He will show us how to make granita from scratch, how to make the famous sicilian brioche bread and most importanly how to eat the real sicilian granita. Paolo will make a delicious lemon granita called “Granita al Limone” which is a great italian dessert option to serve at your next dinner party. The best part about this brioche is that you can eat it with anything you like, did I mentioned this is the most moist and delicious brioche I have ever eaten in my life?
Stay tuned and get to make this magnificent Sicilian Granita and Brioche with us…PS Granita and Brioche can be enjoyed for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Sicilians are very proud of Granita and for them is a way of Life. We love Italian Food and we love Sicily.



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Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Wow those look Amazing!!

tron3entertainment says:

I started making my bread with some Coconut milk. It’s not so much for the taste. Coconut milk keeps your blood sugar from spiking. So, the carbs have less of a sugar-type crash later.

Sergey Magel says:

*Really & Appetizing Work. Hello All Music Lovers.*

The Baking Bomb says:

wow this looks amazing!

Ces says:

hahahahahah wanna try this its like little boobies haahahahahaha

torquemate50 says:

Bravo paisano

Bethan Davies says:

I miss sicilian granita and brioche very much

Kinnari's Kitchen says:

Nice video. Love your energy.

lbernazani says:

Cassata video (please)? I just saw cassata in the intro here…

Akemitika says:

Mamma mia che fame!! Bravissimo, come mi manca la mia Sicilia! 🙁

Nunal Sa Paa says:

Haha, you made Chef Paolo work so much, Vincenzo! I love the positive energy as always. You make people happy, Vincenzo. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Sincerely appreciate it.

Federico Borluzzi says:

Wow, I feel hungry now. I know I LOVE granita siciliana and brioches! 🙂

It's Only Food w/Chef John Politte says:


cavalier9110 says:

looks wonderful but where is the written recipe?

blanchetv says:

I have never heard of this combination! Thank you for this unique taste of Sicily, another thing I must add to my bucket list! Italians truly know how to eat ❤️

Michael Durazzo says:

My favorite/Il mio preferito

Stefanie Adams says:

Granita di mandorle. From Catania is my absolute favorite! Well, my hometown in Lentini is usually where I get it from, unless I go out the weekends. Both are just as good!

Matthew Gimelli says:

Keep it up Vincenco! These are some pretty mouth watering recipes

Wizamicha Mechmicha says:

You people are so funny, thank you chef for sharing vid, sending you love and support, keep going,

Michael Fiducia says:

Wowwwwww Lol very nice my pal your loving the Sicilian stuff , I gotta come over there for vacation

Sara Olsen says:

That looks amazing! I wanna try for sure!

Juanelo1946 says:

Vincenzo, I’m no baker, and I won’t be making granita any day soon, but I was fascinated watching Chef Paolo Gatto! He’s a true Sicilian artist! He makes paradise in a glass! This is an awesome recipe perfected by master! Great videography once again! Bravo to you both!

celso guajardo villarreal says:

Excelente hay que visitarlos para probar . Saludos

yllekr123 says:


La cucina di Domenica says:

meravigliosa brioche ripiena di squisita granita al limone. E all’inizio ho intravisto una squisitissima cassata siciliana. I LOVE !!!!! Like

Notorious J says:

Looks so perfect! I love lemon granita

Raj Raj says:

Thanks for showing how it’s done! Recipe for brioche seems a bit incorrect? .. 400 grams milk plus 150 grams eggs all going into just 500 grams of flour? ..also 200 grams of sugar! Was this meant for 1kg flour?? .. but then the butter would be too little at 200 grams and sugar still a lot! 🙂

marie Savino says:

The Catania granita is my favourite. Dad would buy this with a brioch for breakfast whenever we visited. Mine was chocolate & his was al caffe 🙂

jav mir says:

This looks great. Do you use full fat milk in the recipe? Also, when you are allowing to rest do you cover the dough so it doesn’t dry out or leave it uncovered? Thanks

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