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Today I would like to share with you my Sausage and Peppers recipe. Happy Mothers Day!

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Angel Valentin says:

I really appreciate on how you cook, God bless you.

Tim Logan says:

You should have your own cooking show!

Max High says:

Oh yeah, baby – – green peppers?

Resse Alp says:

What you cooked up my friend it’s a beautiful thing

MarkimusMaximus9 says:

This is why the Internet is killing T.V. You will never see a dude who’s Italian as fuck cooking sausage and start whistling at the end

Lenny F says:

I’ve been cooking the Italian sausage all my life, never heard of boiling it

imqueenly says:

Wow…he’s a great Whistler too!!!!

Richard Cresci says:

Like my family does it, I will be watching more, he’s great.

Gardis72 says:

I take the sausage out of the skins, but I don’t boil. Buy a lean sausage and I barely have to drain. Can'[t stand the skins

Donald Piniach says:

Great visuals and excellent audio. From a bachelor, you have made many meals I now make, and with confidence. Thanks

Greg Ward says:

don’t use the fork on the sausage, then cuts them up, wtf kind of logic is that. Those tongs are also shit, you should never need two hands to lock them closed, simple turn of the wrist is all it should take. Food looks amazing.

imqueenly says:

He’s so adorable and this looks delicious!!

Yong Pineda says:

Thank you so much for creating these channel, i love all of your recipes…

Kevin Stone says:

I love his accent. Lol. Totally boss

seabeach7 says:

Love your cooking and singing.

mTube Foods says:

*Delicious sausage*

Molar Bear says:

AMAZING! IT came out great when i tried it! THANK YOUUUUUUUU

biggrobd says:

I want to hear him say ” thats a spicy meatball ” so bad lol

Mame Boly says:


Codeysius says:

Very entertaining

Andiee Martinez says:

Was that tomato sauce

Fat Louie says:

Loved his personality! Appy Amoth’er’s Day! lol I have three recipes to try now. This one I’ll do with penne.

Janet Geist says:

I tried this recipe and your meatball one. THANKS FOR SHARING. The meal was a great hit with my family.

Alyosha 1981 says:

I love this guy!!

Andiee Martinez says:

Could this be a breakfast

P A says:

Pasquale we all love you and your cooking.

Claudia Delgado says:

Thank you for this dish, it looks delicious iam going to make it.

vivian murphy says:

Thank you papa you cook so good

A Lineage Rural says:

My man! This guy rules.

Vada Joey says:

I like his accent , sausage’s and peppers are soo good lol he’s cute whistling and eating his food

Tyhir Scott says:

I hate onions

kyafi kaloo says:

I don’t eat bell peppers nor do I eat sausages, but I swear my mouth is watering

Trucker Tom says:

How could anybody not like this!! Wonderful recipe!!!

Amy Gelo says:

love love love him!

Mr Jimenez says:

The hot is red and the other is not red. Awesome I got it. Lol

Bre Sollers says:

Looking good

aquiariots72 says:

Gotta love it. Serving this with penne and some Parmesan Reggiano sounds great

Clifford Bodine says:

That looks out of this world delicious!

Andiee Martinez says:

But that’s a lot of peppers lol, but I’d eat it, looks good I love peppers and onions. This is real food people should eat there peppers and more vegetables, good life style.

Marisol Italia Perez says:

Love him!! Especially his accent.
Such a sweetheart.

Michael Marchand says:

“I no want” “no one to say” “I no chew”. I LOVE THIS GUY!

Andiee Martinez says:

Oh nvm it got smaller

Andiee Martinez says:

Wtf kinda sausages are that.

B P says:


Archman 72 says:

Love you papy baby …

antonio sasso says:

Ingredienti alla rinfusa senza una logica. In cucina c’è un metodo e perché ci va un’incrediente prima di un’altro. Questa é una porcheria.

Christina Butyuk says:


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