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This is my go to potluck Italian Pasta Salad, make the night before as it only gets better as it sits overnight. Use whatever vegetables are in season and you have on hand to create your own version of this delicious salad.


Monica Harris says:

Looks wonderful! I will be trying this for summer picnics! Thanks!

Gifti Oro says:

I really like this, thank you!

sidnei fc says:

I’m going to do this. You’re great.

June Brown says:

Living in Britain I don’t think we can get either the Italian Dressing nor the Dried Salad Toppings so I would like to know the ingredients of each please if that is possible. Love the video and the salad looks delicious and so would love to make it. Many thanks for this video.

Asian Goddess says:

I love the broccoli fresh

Marisa Stone O'Brien says:

Hey Shelby, I was trying to find your pasta salad recipe that you use the canning juice from canned artichokes. Can you post that dressing recipe?

Yasmin says:

Did u do anything to the zucchini ? like boil? or did u just chop it up and thats it?

danielle r says:

YUM !!

ndeye ndiaye says:

Just did it, it was a success. My husband loved it… Thanks a lot

skybirdbird says:

i LOVE pasta salad!   sadly my guys do not… 🙁  but this looks like a winner to me!

Tiffany Williams says:

You’re videos are so beautifully made & Im looking forward to making some of the recipes. Especially the Texas sheet cake (Im from Texas lol). You’re absolutely amazing!❤

Wendy Howe says:


Rockin Raffi's Home Cooking says:

I made a colorful pasta salad dish vegan style check it out!

Unicorn Vloggers says:

Fuck looks good

The Best says:

Is the broccoli very hard?

FitAngie says:

Fantastic pasta salad Shelby. Love the vibrant veggies from blanching them. Yum

grandma lynda says:

When my son was at university he came up with a macaroni salad very similar but he used frozen veg. cheaper and he made his own vinaigrette. Sitting here weeping watching you make it since you reminded me of him in the kitchen. But it was good weeping. he and his daughter and wife are moving back to Canada just before my birthday in July. So thanks for the idea and the memory.

bebebutterfield1 says:

Ohhh yeah this looks delicious! TY for sharing Shelby.

Sherri Williams says:


Martin Lech says:

thank u much salad was great

EscapeTheMadness says:

Looks so amazing!

Jackie Howard says:

Sounds amazing!!

Christopher Sweezey says:

That looks so good! My family is doing cold-cuts and salad for Easter this year, will definitely be making this. Thanks. 🙂

Asian Goddess says:

roasted peppers & zucchini I would do.

Christopher Sweezey says:

That looks so good! My family is doing cold-cuts and salad for Easter this year, will definitely be making this. Thanks. 🙂

Lauren CarreonPaiz says:

Beautiful !

youonknowme says:

Shouldn’t this have mayo in it somehow.

Tip Tig says:

Looks good

Tip Tig says:

Looks good mingus the artichoke harts

Soulo Dolo says:

Extremely soothing voice. Thanks for the recipe!

Maria madsen says:


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